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Bathe In Cold Water To Lose Weight? This Is How The Omg Diet Works


Losing weight with the OMG diet: 9 kilos in 6 weeks - does it work?

A diet that starts every day without breakfast but with a dip in the cold water? Sounds bizarre, but it should work - says inventor, sports scientist, and personal trainer Venice A. Fulton. The so-called OMG diet is supposed to achieve visible results within a few weeks. His diet book is a New York Times bestseller, but nutritionists are skeptical.

Bathe In Cold Water To Lose Weight? This Is How The OMG Diet Works

Lose weight with the OMG diet: the basics

The most unusual thing about the OMG diet is the basics: Instead of breakfast, you jog extensively. In addition to other sports units, a full bath in ice-cold water is on the program every day. You can drink black coffee and green tea (for the caffeine kick) and still sleep a lot.

The Oh my God nutrition plan is vaguely reminiscent of the low carb principle and prescribes the renunciation of carbohydrates, but there are plenty of proteins on the menu. However, not many small, but three larger meals are allowed. OMG inventor Venice A. Fulton is rather skeptical about fruits and raw food, as many of them block fat burning instead of stimulating it. Juices and smoothies in particular are prohibited for this reason.

The aim of the OMG diet is to lose as much body mass as possible within a short period of time, in particular, the fat deposits on the thighs, stomach, and waist should melt and be replaced by tight muscle tissue. "Nobody is born overweight or has to walk around with cellulite, and everyone - really everyone - can get slim," the Briton is convinced.

Lose weight with the OMG diet: the basics | Bathe In Cold Water To Lose Weight? This Is How The OMG Diet Works

OMG diet: Why jumping in the cold water is so important to lose weight?

No breakfast and a cold bath - these two aspects revolutionize all previous diet rules. Instead of starting the day with fresh fruits and proteins and staying full for as long as possible, Fulton is convinced that the combination of morning exercise and at the same time foregoing breakfast stimulates the burning of calories to the maximum and the body then inevitably gets the energy it needs directly from the body's own fat reserves must pull. Even the cold bath applies to the Mission bikini figure. Because if the body suddenly loses heat, it has to attack its fat reserves in order to be able to maintain the ideal body temperature - so much for theory.

Fitness in the OMG diet

It makes sense that a personal trainer focuses on sport and fitness. However, neither defined muscles nor an athletic figure is the top priorities of the OMG diet. The only motivation seems to be to burn calories as effectively as possible. For this purpose, Fulton recommends a maximum amount of exercise, especially jogging and walking are suitable. The first sport unit is on the program immediately after getting up, after which nothing should be eaten for about an hour. In general, you have to earn every meal - around 15 minutes of exercise are ideal and, after a 15-minute wait, a protein-rich meal.


Lose weight with the OMG diet: is it worth the challenge?

What sounds like the challenge of a reality TV show should cause up to nine kilograms of weight loss in a few weeks. Whether everyone, regardless of physical fitness, age, or individual starting weight, is suitable for the OMG program and whether the circulatory system and health can withstand the enormous demands is not answered in the diet guide.

However, it is obvious that bathing in cold water can be not only stimulating but also harmful to your health and that the combination of endurance sports and an extremely reduced diet can lead to deficiency symptoms and circulatory problems. If you still want to try the OMG diet, you should have a medical check-up in advance and get advice.

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