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Haircare From 50: How Women Strengthen Their Hair In Old Age - And Avoid Mistakes


With age, the hair becomes weaker and requires more care - but this does not mean that you have to keep your hair short.

Haircare from 50: How to strengthen your hair in old age - and which mistakes you should avoid now | Haircare from 50: How women strengthen their hair in old age - and avoid mistakes

Haircare from 50: How to strengthen your hair in old age - and which mistakes you should avoid now

Haircare for women over 50: How to strengthen your hair in old age?

As with skin, hair's health deteriorates over the years. On the one hand as a result of time, on the other hand in response to the habits and care, we have taken in the past. Stress or the use of harsh products or dyes can be the cause of premature hair weakness, but in general, it is the hormones that determine when the hair fiber loses its strength.

As Tomás Sierra, founder of Le Salon Barcelona, affirmed, "hair begins to weaken from the age of 40, depending on the hormonal cycle normally associated with menopause". For this reason, many women tend to forego long hair from the age of 50 when the symptoms are already more pronounced. We'll tell you how to take care of long hair from 50 when it could be weakened due to age.

What to do with weakened hair in old age?

Better to be safe than sorry: If your hair has not yet lost its health, the expert from Le Salon Barcelona recommends an annual vitamin regimen, although this treatment can be used more often for better results - namely “every three to six months”, says Tomás Sierra. This action can (and should) continue if you realize that your hair health is deteriorating over time. According to Sierra, the "loss of density, volume, and weakness of hair, including its breakage" is usually evident.

The secret to strong, healthy hair:

In addition to the usual duo of shampoo and conditioner, the expert gives tips and advice that should always be observed when caring for long hair at a later age:

  1. Quality Hair Care Products: For the expert, it is crucial to invest in quality cosmetics, rather than picking a shampoo at random, always taking into account the type of hair for which it is intended.
  2. Moisture: Although the use of moisturizing products strengthens our hair in everyday life and prevents hair breakage, Tomás Sierra points out the importance of having hair treatments carried out in a specialized salon so that more intensive hydration of the hair can be guaranteed.
  3. Vitamins: As the expert explained, vitamin treatments are a good idea, although (as we will explain in more detail later) they can also be ingested through dietary supplements.
  4. Tip trimming: advice that hairdressers repeat over and over, and in this case it may be even more important, as regular hair trimming helps prevent split ends and gives hair a healthier look.
  5. “Pre-Shampoos”: Although there are different types of this product, the so-called pre-shampoos are designed to be applied to dry hair before washing (or the night before) with the aim of more intensive care offer as some masks or conditioners in the shower.

The secret to strong, healthy hair: | Haircare from 50: How women strengthen their hair in old age - and avoid mistakes

These tips will strengthen your long hair as you age.

Perfect hair routine for women over 50

The expert reiterates the importance of providing your hair with a good vitamin complex from the age of 50, which can be achieved with dietary supplements. Additionally, there are a few steps to follow when washing your hair: "Use a hair mask before you wash, preferably overnight. Then apply a shampoo and conditioner specific to your hair type as you wash to nourish and moisturize your hair."


What should women consider when caring for their hair over 50?

When looking for the ideal products, the expert not only points out the type of hair for which they are intended but also points out that there are two ingredients that are crucial for regaining their strength: biotin and cystine. The first, also known as Vitamin H, Vitamin B7, or Vitamin B8, is famous for being found in popular horse shampoo, although it can of course be found in other products and in many nutritional supplements as well. It is an important factor in giving strength to hair and promoting its growth. On the other hand, cysteine is part of the composition of keratin, a natural component of the body that is responsible for the well-being of hair and nails.

That is why a healthy diet plays an important role

Although shampoos, masks, and other products provide the hair with care, the expert confirms that there is another factor that plays an important role: nutrition. "The most important thing is to complement your hair care routine with a healthy diet recommended by nutritionists. This is critical to hair health," says Sierra. In general, this applies to seeds that are rich in minerals, biotin, and vitamins A and B. Nuts, which are also high in biotin, orange fruits and vegetables because they contain vitamin A, and eggs and fish because they contain cystine.

You should avoid these mistakes:

Among the common mistakes that can weaken or damage hair, even more, the Le Salon Barcelona expert emphasizes phenomena such as "wet ponytails or buns, as they damage the hair". In addition, he points out that it is also a big mistake not to use "special hair oils". No matter how many home remedies we see on the internet, it is always best to stick with the specific products.

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