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Anti-Frizz: 3 Tips That Really Help Against Frizzy Hair


No matter what you do - your mane always looks frizzy and fuzzy? Those who suffer from frizz can often only dream of silky, shiny hair. Or not? We reveal 3 effective anti-frizz tips that really help against frizzy hair.

Anti-Frizz: 3 Tips That Really Help Against Frizzy Hair
Silky, shiny hair is possible for everyone - whether curly, wavy, or straight! We reveal how it works.

Anti-Frizz: 3 Tips That Really Help Against Frizzy Hair
With proper care, you can get rid of frizz once and for all.

What is frizz anyway?

In the beauty world, frizz means the unsightly protruding of many small hairs - so that a frizzy look is created. A soft, shiny mane should be possible regardless of the hair structure, whether curly, wavy, or straight. Isn't that the case with you? Then you are probably suffering from frizz! We reveal what you can do about it.

How does frizz arise?

Mainly due to too little moisture! Therefore, the problem usually intensifies in autumn and winter. Frizzy hair is often enhanced by dry heating air, hats, scarves, or turtlenecks. Incorrect care and inappropriate styling can also trigger frizz.

Anti-frizz: 3 effective tips against frizzy hair


1. Moisture in hair care

The be all and end all against frizz is to provide our mane with moisture. Even if you suffer from hair that becomes greasy quickly - do not confuse the skin with the hair: nevertheless, provide the lengths with sufficient moisture.

This includes a complete care routine: a moisturizing shampoo should always be followed by a nourishing conditioner.
After washing, be sure to use hair oil for the tips and an anti-frizz spray that you put on the towel-dried mane. In addition, a moisturizing hair mask makes sense once a week.

If you are styling with heat tools, you should definitely make sure that there is sufficient heat protection with a sufficient moisture factor.

2. Brush properly

You brush your hair in the morning - and that's it? Get in the habit of combing your mane more often. This distributes the moisturizing fat of our scalp in lengths, lays the hair, and thus ensures shine and smoothness. It is better to use a coarse brush made of natural materials than a fine plastic brush - this does not fluff up the mane. Special hairbrushes designed for anti-frizz also help.

Especially after washing, be careful when combing so as not to break the hair. It is particularly unstable when it is wet. That's why you shouldn't rub it dry too roughly in the towel.

3. Proper night care

If you suffer from frizz, you shouldn't just go to bed carelessly. In fact, there are quite a few things you can do here for a silky smooth mane.
Be sure to sleep on a silk pillowcase - the investment is worth it! The fine material does not rough up your hair, has an antistatic effect, and thus effectively prevents frizz.

If you like to tie your hair in a braid at night, you should also use gentle silk srunchies here. This prevents the hair from rubbing and breaking. It is best to tie them in a loosely braided braid in order to strain them as little as possible.

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