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3 Ways To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat


Straightening your hair using a classic straightening iron damages our lengths. Here are several alternatives for hair that is both smooth and perfectly healthy.

3 ways to straighten your hair without heat

With a brushing done in cold air

With a brushing done in cold air | 3 ways to straighten your hair without heat

We all now know that the heating devices we use to damage our hair. The heat diffused by our hairdryer, our straightening iron, or even our curl attacks and weakens the hair fiber with each pass. Understand that for healthy hair, it is better to give up on these devices ... with the exception of one! The hairdryer. The reason? It is the only one to offer a "cold" or "temperate" mode.

To straighten your hair without damaging it, think about the classic brushing that is done with a hairdryer and a large round brush. In "cold" or "temperate" mode, dry each of your locks one by one by brushing them inwards, then outwards; so as not to make the hair move, but to leave it smooth.

However, doing your own brushing is not the easiest. This is why we advise you instead to opt for one of these devices to allow you to make your brushing in an ultra-simple way! We are thinking in particular of this blower brush from the Revlon brand. With, straightening your hair with a blow-dry has never been so quick and easy!

With a brushing done in cold air | 3 ways to straighten your hair without heat

Using a kardoune

Using a kardoune | 3 ways to straighten your hair without heat

The kardoune technique is one of the oldest. Traditionally used by Algerian women to straighten their hair, this ribbon of fabric in red and orange colors is now known around the world. But how can a simple ribbon manage to make our hair straight? Let us explain ...

In the evening, after washing your hair, wring it out well with a towel. Brush the lengths, tie them in a relaxed ponytail, and put on your kardoune. Tie a knot at the base of the ponytail and wrap your lengths (tightly) in the kardoune, up to the ends. Then go to bed! This is how the next morning when you wake up, you can remove the kardoune and discover your beautiful smooth hair!

What size kardoune should I choose for my length?

Using a kardoune | 3 ways to straighten your hair without heat

With curlers

With curlers | 3 ways to straighten your hair without heat

This tip was the favorite of our grandmothers and is now making a comeback. Long forgotten, curlers are now used again to straighten hair and give it a nice movement. For steep lengths, choose very wide rolls. The smaller they are, the more they will result in tight curls. For the use, small tutorial! On damp hair, place your curlers. Once your head is completely covered with the small rollers, dry with a hairdryer (set of course on "cold" or "temperate" mode). Remove the curlers once your hair is perfectly dry, and voila!

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