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Hair To Be Envious Of: 5 Hacks For Stunning Hairstyles


Are you in the mood for great hairstyling, but two left hands in front of the mirror in the morning and little time? We'll give you tips and top hair tools that will really help you with styling and even protect your hair.

Hair To Be Envious Of: 5 Hacks For Stunning Hairstyles

While some of us wonder whether her indomitable curly hair is a curse or a blessing, others whine about her straight hair without volume. Especially in the mornings, when we have had a fresh shower and stand in front of the mirror with wet hair, we often find that little is left of the stunning look of the last visit to the hairdresser.

Here are tips and tools that will really bail you out in the morning and get your hair in tip-top shape!

Often we blame our incorrect styling routine for our lackluster strands or the quickly regreasing approach. For many, the cause of the problem lies entirely elsewhere. In order for hairstyling to work smoothly in the first place, it is essential to wash your hair properly.

Hack 1: wash your hair properly

Brush your hair dry before washing if you are using styling products such as spray or gel. A large part of the residue can be removed very easily in this way.

Also, choose a shampoo that is good for your hair! Colored and curly hair tends to dry out more quickly and therefore needs a shampoo that contains as few surfactants as possible and has caring properties.

Also, always use a conditioner - regardless of the structure of your hair. On the one hand, this ensures that your hair can be combed through more easily and gently after washing. On the other hand, a nourishing hair conditioner prevents frizz and static, "flying" hair - an annoying problem that particularly affects straight hair.

Hack 2: dream curls without any styling effort

If you want to get your curls into shape quickly in the morning, you should have a nourishing styling spray or mousse ready to hand. This ensures that the individual curls are defined, makes them beautifully elastic, and gives them bounce.

Important: Gently knead the styling product into towel-dried hair immediately after showering and only then take care of the make-up. Then the hair has enough time to air dry. Because curls don't like to be blown dry by hot air.

Hack 2: dream curls without any styling effort | Hair To Be Envious Of: 5 Hacks For Stunning Hairstyles

Hack 3: The Anti-Frizz Program

Straight hair is also happy when the blow dryer stays in the drawer. But if we decide against hot air, it inevitably means a bad hair day including a Struwwelpeter look. But instead of leaving the house with no hair and in a bad mood, you can gently dry and style your hair with a few tricks and the right product.

The most important thing before blow-drying is heat protection - but only if it is used correctly. Spray the protection evenly and at a sufficient distance (approx. 30 cm) onto towel-dried hair and then distribute it carefully and evenly with a comb.

Hack 3: The Anti-Frizz Program | Hair To Be Envious Of: 5 Hacks For Stunning Hairstyles


Hack 4: The right blow dryer technique

But even the best heat protection is unfortunately of no use if the hair is then blown dry with an ancient blow dryer without temperature regulation. So invest in a new model with an advanced ion function and high-pressure airflow. They not only reduce frizz but also ensure a silky shine.

Speaking of shine: the cold-warm-cold rule can work wonders when blow-drying. First blow dries your hair as good as dry with cold air. Then blow dry them with hot air around a round brush to bring them into the right shape and then let them cool down briefly with cold air - this provides an extra shine. Only then pull out the brush.

Hack 5: For a silky smooth finish

Blow-drying is not always enough to make straight hair a stylish eye-catcher. For the popular sleek look, the straightening iron must be pulled out. So that the hair is not damaged and dried out, it is essential to use a straightening iron with coated ceramic plates and advanced heating technology. This means that you only have to go through the divided hair sections with the straightening iron - this not only makes your hair happy but also saves you a lot of styling time!

One last important thing: The subject of hair care is always very individual. Only you can judge for yourself whether the tips or products presented by us work for you. If you have persistent hair or scalp problems, it may be advisable to see a skin specialist.

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