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4 Mistakes To Avoid When You Have Colored Hair


Dull, dry, brittle hair... Colored hair is more sensitive than natural hair. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid making to preserve their health.

4 Mistakes To Avoid When You Have Colored Hair

Coloring (already) damaged hair

Coloring will tend to damage your hair. So imagine if you do it on already unhealthy hair! To treat them quickly before your appointment with your colorist, cut them slightly and perform a deep treatment a few weeks earlier. Color pigments hold less well on dry, brittle hair.

Washing them too often

It is well known, daily shampoos tend to damage the hair... and all the more so if they are colored. By multiplying the washes, your coloring will become more fragile and will go away more quickly. The shampoo acts as a stripper. It is therefore advisable not to exceed two (or three at most) washes per week.

Using the wrong products

It is important to adapt the products to your hair type, especially if they are colored. After a color, we, therefore, favor sulfate-free shampoos and treatments, and specially designed to preserve the pigments. This will keep your hair from dulling. Also, remember to perform a pigmented treatment at least once a week. Shampoo or mask, the choice is yours. And there are some for all colors! This treatment will help to maintain it and give a boost to your coloring, and therefore to space out your appointments with the hairdresser.


Rinse your hair with hot water

This is probably the most difficult step to adopt, and yet one of the most effective. Hot water prevents the hair cuticles from closing properly. Result: your color becomes dull and lacks shine. So rinse most of your shampoo with hot water to eliminate all the foam and impurities. As a final rinse, lower the temperature and rinse with cold water. The scales will close instantly and your color will be vibrant for longer.

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