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Gray Hair: 3 Good Reasons Not To Dye It


3 good reasons not to dye gray hair - and finally to show your colors...

The first gray hairs are a horror. And many women - and of course, men too - dye their gray hair over. But why actually? Gray hair has this image of making you old. Except for George Clooney, they are seldom seen as attractive. It is the most natural thing in the world to get gray hair. It hits each of us. Some later. Others earlier. And yet gray hair is felt to be more rigorously concealed than one or the other pimple. Is that really necessary? We have three good reasons not to dye gray hair.

Gray Hair: 3 Good Reasons Not To Dye It
Sarah Harris from Vogue UK turned 40 in 2020 - she discovered her first gray hair at the age of 16 and has since been wearing it confidently as a trademark.

Gray Hair: 3 Good Reasons Not To Dye It
Instagram: @greceghanem

Gray hair is beautiful! 3 good reasons not to dye them:

1. Gray hair looks chic

And at any age. Not for nothing has it been the trend of the past few seasons to dye one's granny hair - even in the twenties. So why should "real" gray hair suddenly look dusty and old? Influencers like Grece Ghanem prove that gray hair absolutely does not have to be hidden (the comment “great look - but why don't you dye your hair?” Appears regularly and shows how frowned upon gray hair is still). Sarah Harris, deputy editor-in-chief of British Vogue, has also stood by her gray hair for many years - she discovered the first one when she was 16. Does that make her look older than the 40 years she is? Not a bit. And: Well-groomed gray hair looks feminine and elegant and stands out positively from the crowd of blondes and brunettes.

2. Gray hair is completely normal

We already touched it off above: It is time to no longer sees gray hair as total drama - but as the natural process that awaits us all. Some earlier, others later. But gray hair is as common as the first-morning coffee or going to the supermarket. As we slowly learn to stand by our occasional blemishes and supposed problem areas, we should also show off our gray hair with more pride.


3. Dyeing breaks hair

The most pragmatic reason of all: Gray hair can be concealed with a tint, but it is not good for them. Especially when dyeing and tinting are repeated over decades. After all, we know that dyeing damages hair dries it out, and makes it brittle. In addition, not dying gray hair saves an incredible amount of time and money - which is of course a nice side effect.

3. Dyeing breaks hair | Gray Hair: 3 Good Reasons Not To Dye It
Instagram: @sarahharris

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