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This Technique Sublimates The Curls And Reveals Your True Hair Texture


A new trending beauty tip on TikTok, the pixie diffusing technique gives you pretty curls and tells you if your wavy hair is actually curly.

This Technique Sublimates The Curls And Reveals Your True Hair Texture

Taking care of your curly hair is not always easy. Often drier than straight hair and sometimes fluffy, you have to know how to pamper it in the right way so that it displays neat and bouncy curls. And when the texture of your hair is halfway between straight and curly, things get even tougher and the waves sometimes take on a strange appearance because the way they are cared for is often not appropriate and then it changes the true texture of the hair. But good news, the technique of pixie diffusing, a drying method that is talking a lot about it right now on TikTok, seems to be the solution to all these hair ills.

Offering to best respect the hair by adopting a drying temperature and a particular gesture, it promises not only to embellish your curls by restoring their spring but also to reveal the curly ones who ignore themselves.

Pixie diffusing: what is the technique?

To be adopted after shampooing on towel-dried hair, the pixie diffusing technique is based on a gentle drying temperature and the use of a hairdryer accessory called a diffuser which generally looks like a funnel or a round tip with pins. You must then use the latter upside down, placing your lengths on the diffuser tip so that it evenly distributes the heat of the device on your curly hair to offer it an ultra-soft drying and respectful of the texture of your hair...

Pixie diffusing: the step-by-step tutorial

The result is gorgeous curls, sharper waves, even fluffy, wavy hair that turns out to be downright curly!

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