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Quickly Styled Gelly Bob - Hairstyle Trend 2021


The hairstyle trend among hairstyles in 2021 is Gelly Bob! We reveal why this quickly made hairstyle is extremely practical and what exactly is behind it.

Quickly Styled Gelly Bob - Hairstyle Trend 2021
Are style short hairstyles quickly and trendy? How about the Gelly Bob!

Quickly Styled Gelly Bob - Hairstyle Trend 2021
Simply comb back with hair gel - and you have trendy hairstyling that bridges bad hair days!

Quickly Styled Gelly Bob - Hairstyle Trend 2021
The wet look also works for side parting.

Bob hairstyles have been particularly popular in recent years. No wonder: the short hairstyle is practical, airy, and quickly styled. And they are available in countless different variants. Whether wolf cut, side swept, shattered bob, or the boyfriend bob - there is something for every taste and style.

Gelly Bob: How to style your bob quickly and trendy?

For all bob wearers, there is now a great way to style their hairstyle in the morning: the so-called gelly bob. Perfect when things have to be done quickly, the weather doesn't play along or a bad hair day is imminent.

The Gelly Bob is hairstyling that is particularly suitable for short haircuts. The name reveals what it's about: lots of hair gel! The gelly bob describes the application of the wet hair look to the popular short hairstyle. The wearers can decide for themselves whether the hair should be very clean and smooth, or whether a little less styling product is used - for a wilder, fluffier look.

Who is the Gelly Bob?

Of course, long hair can also be styled in a wet look. But it works particularly easily and practically with short hairstyles, like all bob variants. The hair structure and face shape do not matter, everyone can wear the Gelly Bob. The gelled hair leaves the focus to the face and ensures a modern and cool overall look.

How does Gelly Bob work?

All you need to get started is a wide-toothed comb and lots of hair gel.

  1. For the classic look, comb all of your hair back over your head.
  2. Now put some gel on your fingers and run it through your hair.
  3. Repeat this until you get the wet look intensity you want.
  4. Now comb over again for a smooth look or pluck out a few strands for a more casual variant.

Tip: The look is also great for bridging a bad hair day or slightly greasy hair.

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