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You Always Made These Bun Mistakes


A bun is easy and uncomplicated, but one or the other mistake can quickly happen when styling. We show some.

You always made these bun mistakes

Do you make these bun mistakes too?

No matter if messy bun, chignon, or a classic bun: we love them all. Because they not only keep our mane in check and look great, they also go wonderfully with our casual and elegant looks. In addition, the hairstyles are one of the absolute favorites due to their simplicity. But as easy and straightforward as the styling may seem, there are a few mistakes that can creep in quickly. We'll reveal three typical bun mistakes:

1. Freshly washed hair

To get the perfect knot at the back of your head, you should never wash your hair directly beforehand, as this will make it lose grip and hold. It is better if they were washed the day before. Then you just have to put some texturizing spray into your hair in the morning for styling and you can style the perfect bun in no time.

1. Freshly washed hair | You always made these bun mistakes

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2. No volume is given to the hairline

Another mistake that is often made with bun hairstyles is that the hairline is not given volume beforehand. As a result, the top hair lies flat on the head later when styling, and the finished bun only looks half as beautiful. Better: massage some mousse into the hairline or work the hair overhead with warm air and your fingers so that the roots stand out from the scalp.

3. Only one hair tie is used

Do you only ever use one hair tie for your bun? Then you should also use a couple of bobby pins for the perfect messy bun or chignon in the future. Because they skillfully hold back the individual strands, ensure that the knot stays in the right position, and also give it a long hold.

3. Only one hair tie is used | You always made these bun mistakes

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