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New Hair Trends: We Will Wear These Hairstyles In 2023


New year - new you. Be inspired by these three new trend hairstyles in 2021 and finally dare to go to the hairdresser.

New hair trends: We will wear these hairstyles in 2023

Hair trends of the past year were romantic and playful in nature: braided hairstyles, beach waves, curls, and hair accessories were all the rage in 2020. This is over for now! 2021 also stands for change in terms of hair technology: From now on, character cuts will dominate our heads. But it remains casual. The cool "out-of-bed look" - that is, hairlessly haired - has not yet disappeared in 2021 either.

1. Curtain bangs

Forget neatly trimmed bangs or micro bangs with a short bob. In 2021 we are again enthusiastic about "curtain bangs". Loosely translated: the "curtain bangs." The hairstyle comes from the 60s; staged by none other than the French actress Brigitte Bardot. Now the "curtain" bangs are celebrating their big comeback In contrast to the classic bangs, these bangs are divided in the middle and styled on the sides. The bangs are cut at an angle and the hairstyle of your choice creates a smooth transition between the bangs and the rest of the hair.

For who?

Everyone, really everyone. If your thoughts keep revolving around a pony hairstyle, but you never really dared yourself, "curtain bangs" are the perfect opportunity. With this hairstyle, your face looks optically narrower, so that even women with a short forehead and/or a round face look fabulous with this pony hairstyle. The cut accentuates the cheekbones and flatters the face. The layered hair brings movement and coolness to the look.

1. Curtain bangs | New hair trends: We will wear these hairstyles in 2023

2. Blunt Bob

The bob will remain with us in 2021. However, the hairstyle becomes edgier, more accurate, and more precise. "Blunt" means something like "blunt" or "straight". But also “relentless” and “bluntly” and these words are probably the best way to describe the new trend hairstyle. The "Blunt Bob" looks like it has been cut with a ruler and is characterized by straight edges and chin length. The trend hairstyle shines, especially with straight hair. Women with very thin hair might have found a solution with this hairstyle: The "Blunt Bob" keeps what it promises: volume and character.

For who?

The "blunt bob" looks best on women with oval or angular facial features. If you are naturally blessed with straight hair, the blunt bob is the ideal hairstyle - you don't even have to style it anymore. How you want to wear the blunt bob is entirely up to you and your hairdresser. With or without bangs, parting in the middle or on the side. Just let us advise you and find out what suits your face shape.

2. Blunt Bob | New hair trends: We will wear these hairstyles in 2023

3. Chopppy cut

Here, too, the motto is "Back to the roots" and we are looking for our role models in the past. In the 1970s, Jane Fonda perfected the rocky undone look. Today, numerous models and influencers do it - including the Milanese and blogger icon Chiara Ferragni - same. “Choppy” means something like “choppy”, “changeable” and “moving.” The fringed layered cut couldn't be described more aptly. While Fonda wore the look as a chin-length bob, the trend in 2021 will be more and more for a long time The hair is cut frayed, with gentle gradations that are not immediately noticeable. As a result, the hair falls softer and appears voluminous. In order to give the whole thing the right casualness, the tips are usually thinned out.

For who?

Everyone too. This year we are focusing on timeless, casual cuts and the "Choppy Cut" is for all those women who want more volume on their heads and lightheartedness in their lives. But this hairstyle is also ideal for women with very thick hair, as the hair on the top is thinned out a bit. There is also the hairstyle in all shapes and facets, from shoulder to rib length. If you like it a little more agitated, twirl some strands and secure them with saltwater spray.

3. Chopppy cut | New hair trends: We will wear these hairstyles in 2023

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