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Gray Hair: Don'T Be Afraid To Stop Coloring!


Do you want to wear your white hair naturally but are afraid to do so? Rest assured, you are far from being the only one. However, stopping the tinctures outright to listen to your desires is really worth it! Proof with this testimony tells us about the fear of transition and which will surely give you the courage to finally take the plunge.

Gray Hair: Don't Be Afraid To Stop Coloring!
Instagram: @greytransitionproject

Too many people force themselves to cover up their white hair when the coloring process is not (or more) for them. The appearance of gray hair is experienced very differently from one person to another, and if some people feel better to regain their natural color thanks to the coloring, for others, to start a process of regular dyeing binding themselves. turns out to be more of a chore than anything else. Blame it on the social pressure that we still sometimes feel weighing on our shoulders when our first graying strands appear and we feel obliged to hide them, or when we are made to understand that we are better when we look younger if we see gray hair taking over all of our hair. And if we give in to it, we often quickly find ourselves caught in a vicious circle where the demarcation between coloring and natural hair becomes more and more marked and makes us anguish just at the idea of ​​no longer make it. Faced with this observation, a silver influencer (understand an influencer who campaigns for the acceptance of white hair) has decided to make her Instagram account @greytransitionproject, a place that tends to normalize the transition to gray hair (which should already be initially since nature is made that way!) and to support those who wish to take the plunge.

In her bio, she immediately announces the color of her hair, affirming that her last coloring was on December 13 of the year 2019. But it is in a recent post that the young woman emphasized a feeling nebulous that many life when it comes time to decide whether or not to stop staining.

The fear is real, I know it.

Gray Hair: Don't Be Afraid To Stop Coloring!
Gray Hair: Don't Be Afraid To Stop Coloring!
Gray Hair: Don't Be Afraid To Stop Coloring!
Gray Hair: Don't Be Afraid To Stop Coloring!
Instagram: @greytransitionproject

Strong words convey the violence with which society still perceives and judges gray hair, and that sheds light on the emotion that many feel at the idea of perhaps letting their hair turn naturally white. Here, we can see how badly the transition to white hair is experienced, not because of the change in color of the fiber, but because of the way we look at it. Do you also feel that fuzzy but perennial fear of stopping coloring? The influencer’s testimony is proof that it is worth stepping out of your comfort zone by ditching dyes. Indeed, in the caption of his post we can read:

The feeling of freedom not to dye my hair anymore and all the fears that kept me in this cycle are gone.
I have been free from fear, strong for 20 months!

And it's true that feeling revived after feeling oppressed and forced to do something is most tantalizing. Experiencing your transition to natural gray hair as liberation is an inspiring way to approach changing hair color and stopping colorations that give the illusion that gray hair has yet to appear. Obviously, the young woman does not deny that the feeling that precedes her is persistent and that it resurfaces from time to time: “Sometimes I still have doubts...
... and I overcome them ”she concedes.

To illustrate what she has long felt and to inspire others to break free from the shackles of colored hair, she shares a quote from an American author named Peter McWilliams which may help you find a way to overcome your fear like a man. leitmotif:

To overcome the fear here is all you have to do: realize that the fear is there, and do the action you fear anyway.

Convinced and ready to take the plunge? Here are our tips to make the transition to gray hair easier.

Once staining has started, we know that the root demarcation is difficult to manage if you are not comfortable with it. But don't let this fear prevent you from fulfilling your desires to (finally) be released from a process of regular coloring that you experience as a real constraint and hindrance. There are solutions to facilitate the transition to gray hair and allow you to experience this transition well. Already, know that once your locks are long enough, it is possible to go to gray hair by opting for a shortcut that frees you from any demarcation. And if you are an irreducible long hair, also know that it is quite possible to gradually abandon the hair coloring by opting for a balayage that elegantly evens the hair when it is two-tone, without preventing you from gaining more precious centimeters of gray hair to be able to remove the colored parts of the hair over the months and as quickly as possible. In addition to that, do not neglect hair care and do not hesitate to seek advice from a salon expert because gray hair has a different texture and needs than naturally colored hair in brown, blond, or redhead. Well-groomed gray hair will be more beautiful and easier to comb, and therefore to live with every day.

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