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Elisa Tovati: Her 10 Beauty And Well-Being Essentials


Actress but also singer, Elisa Tovati is a radiant woman with fresh beauty. With her broad smile, her sparkling eyes, and her long brown mane, she embodies the Mediterranean woman in love with life and all the little pleasures she can bring her. She tells us her beauty secrets...

Elisa Tovati: Her 10 Beauty And Well-being Essentials

"I am in my bathroom, I am ready! Even if I am spoiled (I am offered a lot of products), I swear it, I will play the truth card!", Exclaims Elisa Tovati in the preamble. Honest, but also optimistic to the tips of her nails, the beauty took advantage of the confinements to throw herself headlong into the work. With the composer John Mamann, they recorded a duet, "Tout Va Bien", and shot a clip in the wake, a hymn to joy, a real snub in this gloomy era. "With John, we made music like crazy, that's what kept us in touch with the other artists. It was that or cry…", she says.

If music (and cinema) hold a big place in life, his family remains his priority. Starting with her husband, Sébastien Saussez, who had put the ring on her finger many years ago, in 2006. Since then, it is always crazy love between the two lovebirds. And his two sons, born of their love, Joseph, 12, and Leo, 9. Supermom, superwoman, and super hard worker, Elisa Tovati also enjoys taking care of herself as much as having fun with her looks. And since she is very generous, she shares her beauty tips with us.

1. Her skincare routine

"My first step when I get up is to grab a cotton ball that I soak in Crealine H2O in order to remove the excess sebum from my face at night. Then I apply a few drops of the Clarins Hydrating Tonic Solution. It is then 6:50 am and all my senses are awakening! I can then apply my Clarins Extra-Firming Energy pearly day cream and Sisley's Black Rose Fluid eye contour. I finish with a Nutri plumping lip balm (I always eat them, very stressed!) From Filorga. And of course, I use perfume. Do you want to know what deodorant I'm wearing? No just kidding…"

2. Her body care

“For starters, I'm addicted to Molton Brown eucalyptus shower gel. On the hydration side, I often use drugstore creams such as SVR spray balm: it is practical, easy to spread, and penetrates well. I alternate with Clarins "Tonic" Oil that I apply to my legs: it leaves my skin soft, hydrated, and satiny."

3. Her hair ritual

"My hair is complicated because I have two heads: the curly (me naturally) and the smooth (me with a brushing). When I am curly, to have beautiful curls, I use the care cream intense nutrition Garnier with avocado: you can buy it at the supermarket, it costs nothing and it works. When I have straight hair, I have a cult product, it's Davines. It's potion magic of absolute hair beauty, the serum sublimates my hair and protects it from the multiple passes of Babyliss. As for the shampoo, I alternate between Marocain Oil and the Hair Rituel Sisley by Sisley. And my colors (yes, I have hair whites!), the excellent Marie-Soyeuse Louis who works at Christophe Robin takes care of it every three months."


4. Her makeup desires

"Like all brunettes, I'm brown under the eyes! So whatever happens, I put on concealer, number 20 at MAC Cosmetics. To even out the complexion, I apply Studio Fix Powder Plus, then Mandarin blush all at MAC. As I have ugly eyelashes, I thicken them with The Shock mascara by Yves Saint Laurent. I only wear foundation when I have to, ie when I'm filming."

5. Her beauty obsession

"I have a passion for lipstick! For my birthday I bought myself the new Hermès, the Corail Flamingo 36: the black and gold case is magnificent; and the number 12 of Sisley, a golden panther or zebra in As you will have noticed, I have a big mouth, so I don't hesitate to highlight it. Anyway, I have been doing makeup since I was 12 when I started to have my picture taken is still fun today."

6. His fitness tips

"I have seen a coach twice a week for 25 years. We do boxing and brisk walking in the Bois de Boulogne, and pilates. I was a vegetarian for two years in order to put my organs to rest but that I like to eat! I am not the Mediterranean for nothing! So I pay attention at all times: I eat little meat, little dairy, fruits, and vegetables. I admit, during confinement, I I made a mistake: I threw myself a little on the chocolate…"

7. Her anti-stress tip

"I see an acupuncturist regularly because I am prone to vagal discomfort due to stress. I am a real emotional sponge so each time before I crack, I consult him. It makes me more zen."

8. Her favorite scent

"I'm going to tell you an anecdote: when I was younger, while I was on vacation, I was struck by a smell while walking by the sea. I immediately shouted: but that smells so good? A young man stopped and answered: It's me. He explained to me that he mixed Patchouli man and woman of Reminiscence. I immediately bought the two perfumes and since I can not wear anything else. . Except when I'm shooting because I need to give each of my characters an olfactory identity."

9. The 3 products she can't do without

"If I am a big believer in cosmetics, the truth of today is not that of tomorrow (I test a lot of products and change as many so as not to get used to my skin), my best remains the Clarins double serum I've been using since I was 20. I'm also crazy about the Capture Youth serum (the smell of basil is incredible) and the Skin Boosting serum, from Dior."

10. The object she would take to a desert island

"As a good dentist's daughter, I am obsessed with dental hygiene. So I would say my Braun electric toothbrush, it's the essential item for me!"

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