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Octopus Bun Works In 2 Minutes - Trend Hairstyle 2023


Fast, trendy, and practical? You don't need more arguments to convince us of the trendy hairstyle of the year. The casual bun is made in 2 minutes!

Octopus Bun Works In 2 Minutes - Trend Hairstyle 2023
The trend hairstyle of the year is super casual and quick to make.

Octopus Bun Works In 2 Minutes - Trend Hairstyle 2023
The loose strands of the octopus bun are reminiscent of cute tentacles.

Hair trend 2022: casual, fast, and practical is the trend now

Culottes instead of skinny jeans, oversized knit sweaters instead of tight shirts, and comfortable combat boots instead of oppressive heeled ankle boots: the year 2022 is just sparkling with nonchalance! "If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer" is definitely not hip anymore.

This not only applies to our wardrobe, but also to our hairstyles. That's why we're sporting the octopus bun now! The trend hairstyle of the year is not only practical but can also be done within 2 minutes.

Instructions: Octopus bun in two minutes

The octopus bun is a twist on the casual messy bun we already love. The trend hairstyle owes its name to its special look. While loosely tying the hair, we let a few strands fall out, resembling octopus tentacles. And this is how the lightning hairstyle succeeds in two minutes:

  1. Gather your hair loosely in a bun upside down and tie a hair tie around it – but not too tight.
  2. Pull the hair that's close to your head so that the braid isn't too tight.
  3. The hair that is still sticking out of the hair tie is not wrapped around the hair tie again or pinned away like in a normal bun but is allowed to hang freely. If there are too many, loosely pin a few strands away with bobby pins. Small loops are also desirable!
  4. The trend hairstyle is quick to make, casual, practical, and still has that certain something with a trend factor!

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