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Kate Middleton: Her Super Practical Tip For Curling Her Long Hair


To curl her long hair, Kate Middleton has a simple but very practical hairstyle tip. We sting it to save time and get an ultra chic hairstyle!

With her busy schedule as a member of the British royal family, Kate Middleton does not have a minute to lose even if she must always have her hair done for her public appearances. If she has long displayed impeccable smooth and voluminous brushings, lately the Duchess of Cambridge seems to prefer the charm of curly hair. She has indeed changed her hair signature and now she often wears her long hair with soft waves that look great on her. But she doesn't curl her hair like everyone else, she actually uses a hairstyle trick that allows her to style her hair faster and still look fabulous despite her curls.

Indeed, you may not have noticed it, but Kate Middleton does not curl her hair to its full length. In reality, she just waves her long hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. A hairstyle tip that also allows her to damage her hair less at the roots to avoid breakage. We bite it!

Kate Middleton: Her hairstyle tip for curling her long hair

A little in the vein of the trick of doing a ponytail before grabbing your curling iron, Kate Middleton's technique is just as practical and clever for those who want to save time and display a neat hairstyle in roots. It simply consists of using a curling iron on the last third of the length of your hair only, which is why it becomes possible to curl your locks in record time. To recreate her look, prefer to style dry but freshly washed hair in order to have the maximum volume at the roots, then equip yourself with a curler. All that remains is to style your hair section by section, selecting medium-thick sections to create fairly wide curls. Instead of placing the curling iron at the roots as usual and wrapping the whole strand around it, simply lower the device towards the middle of the hair before curling. Do the same on the entire lower part of the hair and you're done! Last tip: don't forget to apply a heat protectant to your ends before curling them to keep them healthy.

Kate Middleton: Her hairstyle tip for curling her long hair | Kate Middleton: Her Super Practical Tip for Curling Her Long Hair

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