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Duchess Kate Surprises With New Hair Color And Step Cut


Duchess Kate has done it again! At her first public appearance in 2022, the mother of three was surprised with a fresh cut and changed hair color. Her new hairstyle: darker, shorter, and more layered.

Duchess Kate Surprises With New Hair Color And Step Cut
Turn hazelnut brown into the dark! Kate presented her new hair color in London.

Duchess Kate has always stayed true to her brunette hair but is only too happy to experiment with different shades of brown. So she only tried out a more reddish tone in autumn 2021 - which is now passé again. When visiting the Foundling Museum in London, Prince William's wife showed up with a freshly colored mane. Her choice this time was a much cooler shade of dark brown than before. The perfect nuance for dark winter days!

Duchess Kate Surprises With New Hair Color And Step Cut
Kate's new hair color (left) is significantly darker than what she was wearing when she attended Nower Hill High School in late November 2021.

When it comes to haircuts, Kate has given her mane a 2022 update. The Duchess has apparently said goodbye to a few centimeters and at the same time had her steps intensified. This made her hairstyle look a lot more voluminous than it already was when she first appeared after the winter break. A haircut that we will definitely copy from the royal lady!

Duchess Kate not only has dark hair

But not only did Duchess Kate wear her hair darker than usual that day, but she also stayed on the dark side when choosing her outfit and wrapped herself in dark shades of blue from head to toe:

Duchess Kate not only has dark hair | Duchess Kate Surprises With New Hair Color And Step Cut
Dark Ensemble: Kate with a freshly dyed mane and blue monochrome look in London.

So she combined a dark blue turtleneck sweater with fabric pants of the same color with pressed creases from Jigsaw and suede pumps from Emmy London. A mid-blue coat completed her sleek monochrome look. Her golden statement earrings, which can be bought at Accessorize for a mere two euros, were also a real eye-catcher. In the meantime, however, the royal bargain jewels are sold out online.

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