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Diet: How To Lose Weight Faster With Turkish Yogurt

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If you want to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible, you should avoid anything that tastes delicious for a certain period of time, eat mainly raw vegetables and white meat and do (much) more sport - the experts seem to agree on this. At least when it comes to sports. Because a reduced, figure-conscious diet does not automatically mean that you can only nibble on celery stalks and carrots and that creamy dessert and delicious toppings are taboo.

Diet: How To Lose Weight Faster With Turkish Yogurt
Turkish yogurt is the ideal diet food.

An ideal, albeit less popular, diet food is Turkish yogurt - and not only because of the composition of the nutritional values based on the traditional production method. In the following, you will find out why Turkish yogurt should be on the menu every day, especially during a diet, and why competitive athletes also appreciate the creamy dairy product.

This makes Turkish yogurt the ideal diet food for weight loss

1. Probiotic effect

Like other natural yoghurt, original Turkish yogurt is one of the probiotic foods, has a positive effect on intestinal health, and stimulates metabolic processes. Because different and more bacteria are used in the traditional production of Turkish yogurt, the probiotic mode of action is said to be particularly effective. Even yogurt variants “according to the Greek style” do not come close to the original in this regard. Note: the fresher the yogurt, the higher the lactic acid bacteria content.

2. Low in carbohydrates

Whether fruit or natural yoghurt, the usual yoghurt variants provide a considerable proportion of carbohydrates, around 15 grams of which is sugar. This lactose has a negative effect on the digestive processes, inhibits metabolism, and thus also slows down fat loss (which is particularly counterproductive in a diet). Lactose can also cause intolerance, gastrointestinal complaints, and skin irritations. Since water and whey are separated using the traditional draining process, Turkish yogurt contains significantly fewer carbohydrates - one hundred grams of Turkish yogurt only provides around four grams of sugar.


3. Lots of protein

Turkish yogurt is not only lower in carbohydrates, but also richer in protein than conventional natural yogurt, which makes it particularly attractive as a protein and mineral supplier for supporting muscle training. At the same time, the high protein content keeps you full longer and prevents food cravings. According to studies, a high-protein diet should also boost metabolism and calorie consumption. Proteins are also essential for the structure of hair, skin, and nails.

3. Lots of protein | Diet: How To Lose Weight Faster With Turkish Yogurt
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3. Lots of protein | Diet: How To Lose Weight Faster With Turkish Yogurt
Instagram: @springlane_de

4. Low-fat variants

Despite the probiotic effect, low sugar, and high protein content, one restriction has to be made: During a diet, variants with low-fat content are to be preferred! Because the original Turkish yoghurt owes its particularly creamy consistency, among other things, to the fat content of at least 10 percent. Competitive athletes, therefore, rely on Turkish yogurt with only two percent fat.

5. Lots of taste

Even the reduced-fat Turkish yogurt stands out from other natural yogurts with its particularly soft, creamy taste. It tastes good both pure and processed and offers the ideal basis for a wide range of diet recipes, from breakfast yoghurt and dessert with fresh fruit to a healthy topping of gently cooked potatoes and salads to low-fat smoothies.

Tip: Start the day with Turkish yoghurt and always have an ice-cold mug ready as a snack in order to trick the small hunger in between and bridge the time until the next official meal.

5. Lots of taste | Diet: How To Lose Weight Faster With Turkish Yogurt
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5. Lots of taste | Diet: How To Lose Weight Faster With Turkish Yogurt
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