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Getting Rid Of Split Ends: These Tips Really Help With Hair Breakage


Almost everyone with long hair knows and hates it: split ends. The hair looks dull, neglected, and strawy. But what helps against split ends?

Getting Rid Of Split Ends: These Tips Really Help With Hair Breakage

How do split ends arise? Reasons, causes, and how to get rid of it

It is called split ends when the hair splits at the tips. Their hair is thinner than at the base - and therefore more vulnerable. The hair splits mainly when the length of the hair on the shoulders or in the area of ​​the back is exposed to increased friction. In addition to this mechanical cause of split ends, chemical or thermal effects are often responsible for split ends. Those who wash their hair too often and too hot, who blow-dry often on a hot setting, use straightening irons or curling irons, favor broken tips. Chemical treatments such as frequent dyeing, bleaching, or a perm also destroy the hair.

Dyeing or straightening doesn't always cause split ends. But these procedures make the hair more sensitive and more prone to damage. Worse split ends can affect areas far larger than just the tips. If nothing is done about the damage, the hair can even split up to the middle. In the worst case, the damage can pull up to the base.

What can be done against split ends? Home remedies & other options

Although the manufacturers of cosmetic products advertise it, split hair cannot be repaired. The most effective way to get rid of it is to remove split ends - that is, cut the ends of your hair. For this, you can contact your: n hairdresser: in. Some experts offer a special split cut that is supposed to preserve the entire length of the hair.

In an emergency, you can also remove split ends at home. However, this requires a certain amount of patience, self-confidence, and - very importantly - sharp and good scissors. Here, hair expert Alex Brownsell explains exactly how the micro-dusting method works against split ends - for both curly and straight hair. There is also various split ends removers available in specialist shops that remove dry and brittle ends.

With home remedies against split ends

A tried and tested home remedy for split ends is coconut oil. The oil nourishes brittle and dry hair with valuable vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil can also prevent hair breakage. According to a 2015 Brazilian study, coconut oil can help prevent protein loss in both damaged and healthy hair. Scientists have come to the conclusion that coconut oil can prevent hair breakage. While the moisture the oil provides won't help save the split ends of your hair, it can prevent the hair from splitting further.

Homemade cures can also help prevent split ends from working their way up from the ends of the hair. Cures with egg, oil, and honey are particularly good. Because they also donate moisture. For example, a mixture of an egg, a teaspoon of lukewarm honey, and two tablespoons of olive oil are good for your hair. The self-made treatment takes about 30 minutes to take effect.


Avoiding and preventing split ends - this is how it works

The most effective thing against split ends is not to let them arise in the first place. There are many ways to avoid split ends. On the one hand, it is advisable to cut the tips regularly so that the damage cannot increase. How often a haircut is necessary depends on the genetically determined hair growth, but also on the hairstyle. A new cut can be useful up to every eight weeks.

Split ends can also be avoided by letting your hair air dry. If blow-drying or smoothing is done, heat protection should definitely be used. It protects your hair from damage caused by the hot air from the blow dryer. They are also mandatory when using straightening irons or curling irons. Regular care also prevents split ends - because dry hair is more prone to hair damage. Regular treatments and conditioners are the best addition to your hair care routine.

Basically, it also helps to prevent split ends by reducing mechanical effects on the ends of the hair. So you shouldn't rub your hair dry after washing it, just squeeze it gently. A silk pillowcase can also help. The soft fabric reduces the friction of the hair on the pillow, which prevents hair breakage.

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