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Hair Contouring: This Hairstyle Leaves The Face Slimmer


This hairstyle is announced in 2022 and lets the face lean...

Now not only the face is contoured, but also the hair! We reveal what's behind the flattering hairstyle hair contouring.

Hair Contouring: This Hairstyle Leaves The Face Slimmer
Hair contouring is especially suitable for women without a pony.

Contouring is a term that we so far knew only from make-up. When contouring, it's about the skillful game of light and shadow - by applying a bronzer to the cheekbones, the temples, or the nose, the face gets more dimension. Depending on the individual preference, the cheekbones can be highlighted, the nose narrowed and the forehead is visually reduced. But what does Hair Contouring have?

According to celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith, which forecasts Hair Contouring as the ultimate hairstyle for 2022, this dyeing technique is not about block-like, clearly defined highlights, but more about subtle highlights and gentle contrasts. The brightest color nuances should play the face - including the short baby hairs and the approach, recommends Smith.

Hair Contouring: This Hairstyle Leaves The Face Slimmer
Instagram: @terencepaulhairdressing

For whom is the hairstyle suitable?

Opposite the British glamor, Smith explains: "Hair contouring actually works for everyone, but best at all who do not have the hair in the face." Due to the color contrasts, a kind of frame for the face is created, which is already given in people with a straight pony or Curtain Bangs automatically.

For whom is the hairstyle suitable? | Hair Contouring: This Hairstyle Leaves The Face Slimmer
Instagram: @marianna_hewitt

However, those who often stroke their hair out of the face or likes to wear well-turned waves, for whom Hair Contouring is ideal, as a soft contrast between skin tone and hair color sets the face beautifully staged. It is best to choose the hairdresser of your trust a sound that is one or two nuances lighter than the rest of your hair color. This creates a flattering gradient, which ideally combines its complexion and the bright and darker nuances of its hair color.

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