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For Shiny And Healthy Hair: Bridgerton Makes Hair Oiling A Beauty Trend


The popular Netflix series Bridgerton has completely reinvented the genre of the costume film and, with a diverse cast, focuses on more diversity and new power relations. In the second season of the cult series, screenwriter Shonda Rhimes brings Indian culture to the fore and makes the adorable Sharma sisters the protagonists of her storyline, who travel from India to England to search for a marriageable lord.

For Shiny and Healthy Hair: Bridgerton makes Hair Oiling a Beauty Trend
Bridgerton actress Simone Ashley has unmistakably gorgeous hair.

For their radiant appearance, the two sisters rely on an Ayurvedic tradition from India that is around 5,000 years old - hair oiling. A treatment using oils massaged into the scalp and hair for healthy, shiny hair. And best of all: This Indian beauty ritual also brings a lot of relaxation with it. We tell you what you should pay attention to when oiling your hair.

Beauty trend from Bridgerton: Hair oiling for healthy and shiny hair

Hair oiling refers to the nourishing effect of various oils, which can unfold particularly well on the hair with this Ayurvedic technique. Hair oiling is a simple application that you can easily do at home to give your hair a healthy shine.

Beauty trend from Bridgerton: Hair oiling for healthy and shiny hair | For Shiny and Healthy Hair: Bridgerton makes Hair Oiling a Beauty Trend
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Hair Oiling: This is how the beauty trend from Bridgerton works

  1. It is best to apply hair oiling before going to bed so that the oils can unfold their power overnight. The next morning you can then wash your hair as usual and use your regular shampoo. After the shower, the hair is particularly soft and supple.
  2. Pay attention to the right dosage. It is enough if the fingertips are lightly oiled. Then massage the oil into your scalp and hair from root to tip.
  3. According to Ayurvedic tradition, sesame oils should be used during the cold season. Coconut oil is preferred in the warm season because of its cooling effect. Hibiscus makes hair stronger and repaired and Amalaki promotes hair growth.
  4. Work in the oils with a relaxing scalp massage. Knead the scalp, temples, and neck without applying too much pressure with your fingertips. This ensures that the scalp is freed from excess skin cells, and blood circulation is boosted, which in turn promotes healthy hair roots and hair growth. In addition, the head massage is said to activate the seventh chakra, which ensures that the mind calms down. In short: the perfect relaxation after a stressful day.

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