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Spikey Bun: This Bun From The 90-2000S Creates The Buzz ... It'S The Hairstyle Of The Moment!


The Spikey bun is a singular bun straight from the 90s-2000s. A bit loose and a bit smooth, it is graphic and totally vintage. Current influencers are metamorphosing into lolitas 2.0.

We are in 2021 and yet not a day goes by that a new trend from the 90s and 2000s is unearthed! It's simple, social networks take on a vintage aesthetic and a forgotten vibe. For several years now, the return of the 90s has taken place gradually and silently. The reappearance of an accessory was making noise, a French manicure over there was a sensation. But now the silhouettes are literally cut and paste from the past decade.

Spikey bun: This bun from the 90-2000s creates the buzz ... It's the hairstyle of the moment!

The stylistic movement even has a name: Y2K. He is in charge of concentrating all the fashion and beauty references located between the end of the 90s and the very beginning of the 2000s. Today, zoom in on a specific bun: the Spikey bun of the 90s that s' displays on all heads of stylish girls.

Forget the fuzzy bun or the braided ponytail. This vintage hairstyle has several peculiarities: the hair is separated in the front by a parting in the middle. It is then pulled back without letting a single hair or frizz protrude. The shaped bun is fixed just above the nape of the neck, leaving the tips of the hair protruding so as to form a clean, almost flattened ear. The hairstyle can be deployed in a simple bun, in two small buns, or even in half up. Two strands can frame the face in the front. The bun can be tied with a rubber band or even clips. The more graphic it is, the more it is Spikey and a bit crazy while being a baby doll.

From Britney Spears to the Olsen twins, it's the allure of 90-2000s icons and lolitas that are reborn.

Y2K, the beauty trend of the moment

Y2Kaesthetic is the hashtag that accompanies viral videos reviving the beauty looks of the turn of the millennium. Y2K refers to Year for the year - 2K for 2000. The beautystas are busy reproducing the beauties in great detail. The thick eyebrows are camouflaged under a white shade then redrawn in a very fine way. The makeup is frosted and metallic. Eye makeup is highlighted by a pair of glasses with so 2000 colored lenses. Of course, flat barrettes and butterfly clips are in the spotlight.

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