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Manicure: 5 Mistakes To Avoid


You can go wrong with manicures. We've picked out 4 common nail care mistakes that you've all made before.

Manicure: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

You can go wrong with a manicure. We reveal 4 mistakes that we have all made before.

Manicure: 5 Mistakes To Avoid
Always use a base coat. This way, your nails won't stain!

If you want beautiful and well-groomed nails, you have to look after them. Arrows, cutting, and painting, all come together. If your nails still break off anyway, you may have made one of these 4 manicure mistakes.

4 mistakes to avoid in manicure

1. Filing back and forth

Probably the most common mistake in manicures is that many people simply run the nail file across their nails. However, this leads to the nails becoming splintered. Therefore, the rule here applies: ALWAYS move the file in one direction, from the outside to the center. Please do not exert too much pressure, so that the nails do not become brittle.

2. Do not use any undercoat or overcoat

We shouldn't just start painting. Especially when we use dark nail polishes, our fingernails can become badly discolored. We should also always use a top coat, otherwise, the colored paint will flake off quickly without this protective layer. Even if it takes a little longer for the manicure, in the end, the application of the topcoat and base coat saves time, because we have some of our nicely painted nails for longer.


3. Shorten fingernails with the scissors

When it comes to shortening the nails, please do not use nail scissors or nail clippers. It could break your fingernails! If you want to shorten your nails, it is best to always use a nail file. This is much gentler if you heed the technique described above.

4. Use cotton swabs to touch up

We shouldn't make this mistake: If something goes wrong when applying the nail polish, many people quickly reach for cotton swabs to correct the faux pas. However, unsightly lint can stick to the nails. Instead of using cotton swabs, use a small brush to remove the overpainted areas.

5. Simply cut off cuticles

Many feel optically disturbed by the cuticle. Even so, you should never use scissors and just cut off the cuticle. The fine skin protects the nails from the penetration of bacteria! It is better to push back lightly and carefully with a suitable stick.

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