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Oily Hair: This Powder Added To The Shampoo Is Miraculous Against Sebum... It Keeps The Hair Clean Longer


These tiny particles found in our kitchen help fight oily hair when added to our shampoo... Baking soda really is the all-rounder!

Oily hair: This powder added to the shampoo is miraculous against sebum... It keeps the hair clean longer
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Oily hair can be a real tan. For some it is only a passing effect, for others, it is a daily struggle.

Followed by over a million people on TikTok, a professional hairstylist delivers his unstoppable tip to remedy this annoyance. The hairstylist begins by specifying that he does not hesitate to use this solution in the salon, to treat the oily scalp of some of his clients. His advice? Add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to the shampoo. It suffices to wash the hair and massage the scalp according to the usual process then rinse. Biodegradable and inexpensive, bicarbonate has the advantage of reducing excess sebum, clarifying and purifying the hair. Its grains offer it a gentle exfoliation in the process, in order to remove dead skin, limescale, and care residues. The professional advises to finish the routine with a professional conditioner or even apple vinegar, in order to neutralize the high pH of the bicarbonate. Indeed, the scalp is by nature rather acidic, with a pH in the range of 4.5 to 5.5, a sign of its good health. Combined with a few drops of essential oils, baking soda can also be an alternative to dry shampoo. However, these tips must remain punctual. The powder should be used as much as possible because it does not replace certain dedicated treatments. The product may not be suitable for all types of hair, it may also tend to lift scales in the hair fiber. At stake? Dehydration, too dry and dull hair.

Know the nature of our hair

Having beautiful hair requires a good knowledge of its nature. This allows you to adopt the appropriate and most suitable routine to sublimate it according to their needs. To do this, there is the Hair Typing System ™ established by Andre Walker, the hairdresser of Oprah Winfrey.

Originally, his system was designed to assess how each type of hair reacts when it is not washed. From there was born a typology which categorizes the different types of hair into four main families, from the smoothest to the most frizzy. They themselves are further subdivided into subtypes, A, B, and C. The letters echo the magnitude of the ripple and the thickness of the fiber. The classification then extends from 1A to 4B or even 4C.

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