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Side Part Bob Is The Hairstyle Trend In Summer 2021 - Casual! How We Wear Our Hair Now?


The bob has long been firmly established in the Olympus of hairstyle trends. Rather, the look in various lengths - short to shoulder length - is a real classic that looks great without much effort. Whether you wear your hair straight or in beach waves, the bob is a good basis for any other hairstyle trend. New in summer 2021: the side part bob.

Side Part Bob Is The Hairstyle Trend In Summer 2021 - Casual! How We Wear Our Hair Now?
Our hair didn't look that casual for a long time: The side part bob is the hairstyle trend for summer 2021! (Ports 1961, Spring/Summer 2021).

Deliberately casual: The side part bob is the relaxed hairstyle trend for summer 2021

Sometimes it doesn't take much to achieve a whole new look. So far, we've always worn bob hairstyles with a center parting. The hairstyle trend looked clean, modern, and cool. Now the side parting comes into play (yes, even if Generation Y has more than clearly declared it out) and gives the simple bob a completely new look. Whether the side parting is pulled very accurately in the hairstyle trend or whether you simply "flip over" the front hair to your side is a matter of personal preference. Either way: the hairstyle trend has never looked so relaxed as in the side part bob version!

Hairstyle trend in summer 2021: How to style the side part bob?

As simple as the hairstyle trend is, the side part bob can be styled in a variety of ways. Whether with ultra straight hair as with Ports 1961, with subtle beach waves, or even with curls, the hairstyle trend works with every styling and with every hair structure. Particularly cool: accentuate the side parting with statement clips. The hairstyle trend will be a little more playful in summer 2021 without losing its casualness. And: statement earrings go just as well with a side-parted bob.

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