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5 Amazing Ways To Style Your Bob


Do you lack the inspiration to give style to your square? Do not panic! Here are five perfect hairstyle ideas to tweak your everyday bob.

The square is an ultra-trendy cut. Since making her comeback a few years ago, she has continued to please and reinvent herself season after season, giving us more and more reasons to give up our lengths for (much) shorter locks. The only downside to this short haircut once you have given in to its charms: it is not always easy to learn to style it differently from the brushing that you proudly wore when leaving the salon. And you still have to know how to reproduce it perfectly to be satisfied with its look.

No, the bob isn't just about giving free rein to our hair texture. While it certainly excels in the art of sublimating the multiple textures of existing hair - straight hair, delicately wavy locks, or, on the contrary, downright curly or even frizzy - it too can be revisited by different types of brushing, ties, trendy hair accessories or even textural effects created with styling products.
Of course, with this type of length, not all attachment options are possible, but rest assured, most hairstyles readily adapt to the "short lengths" of the bob so that you never get tired of it! Here are five ways to showcase your bob that are really good.

5 amazing ways to style your bob

Square with a wavy brushing

Square with a wavy brushing | 5 amazing ways to style your bob

Dynamic and always on top of hair trends, wavy brushing is a very elegant way to spice up your short haircut when you have straight hair. But it's also a way to revisit your natural curls to embrace looser ones for a day if you have frizzy hair.

To achieve a wavy brushing on your mini lengths, trust styling devices such as straightener-curler and curling iron. They are unmatched for creating soft waves in your hair in just minutes. The only requirement is to proceed strand by strand when styling so that the heat can properly imprint the characteristic wave movement of the wavy hair in your hair. With a classic curling iron, all you have to do is wrap each strand around the heating part and then wait just a few seconds to heat the hair and give it the desired shape. With a straightener-curler, you generally need to wind the strand as close to the roots as possible and then slide the device along the strand. Rest assured, over this length, the operation requires very little time. Small bonus: this styling has the advantage of giving volume to fine hair!
If your hair is already naturally curly, there are two options available to you. You can either straighten your hair beforehand and achieve the wavy effect exactly the same way as on straight hair, or directly rework your curly locks with a curling iron to transform the curl as you wish but the result will then be a little more blurry.

The square tied in a mini ponytail

The square tied in a mini ponytail | 5 amazing ways to style your bob
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It is sometimes believed that ties are not possible on short hair, yet a ponytail is not one that does not adapt to the bob cut. Indeed, it is readily worn low, tied at the back of the neck with a simple elastic, to discipline bob cut hair. If this hairstyle allows you to leave the hair natural for an everyday look, it easily gains in glamor when combined with a perfect straightening which brings a stricter side to the styling and allows us to do it, why not, a hairstyle for bigger occasions.

To adopt a mini tail, we advise you to start by preparing your hair by straightening your hair using a straightener to properly straighten your locks. This step also allows you to say goodbye to frizz that sticks in an unsightly way. Once this is done, you must then draw a parting in the middle of your hair using a comb then bring your hair back to your neck using a brush to smooth and flatter your front locks as best as possible. stride. During the process, hold the formed hair quilt firmly to obtain a neat hairstyle, then secure it with an elastic. Choose a discreet one preferably, in a color that will blend easily with your hair color (black for jet-black hair, beige to tie up blonde hair, and chocolate color to be tone-on-tone on brown hair) or put on a metallic elastic band to give the tie a more festive look. A veil of a lacquer finish to ensure an impeccable hold and voila!

Square twisted by a wet effect

Square twisted by a wet effect | 5 amazing ways to style your bob

The wet effect or wet hair effect of its Frenchie name, is, as the name clearly indicates, a way to give the impression that the hair has just been wet to give it an original style. And it's also a really smart way to texturize bob hair to make it look great with just a little water and one or two styling products.

To create your wet effect easily, start by moistening your hair using a thermal water spray that offers a light mist diffusion so that you can “dose” the water you apply to your hair. No need to soak your hair, the idea is to go through this step to be able to apply just the right amount of styling product afterward and avoid at all costs putting too much (which would not be pretty or worse, would give a greasy appearance to hair at the roots). Once the hair is sufficiently moistened, we advise you to give movement to the styling by creating a movement to the side. Nothing could be simpler: simply bring the framing bits together on the side of your choice. Finally, it's time to set everything while amplifying the wet look with a dab of styling gel that you distribute throughout your hair. Be careful to choose a product that offers flexible fixation, this is very important. The gel should maintain movement and perfect the wet effect, but it should not harden the hair. You can then stop there, or simply add a hairspray specially designed to maximize the shine of the hair as a finishing touch if you wish.


Square tied in a half bun

Square tied in a half bun | 5 amazing ways to style your bob

Trendy hairstyle and easy to achieve, the half bun is a small high perched bun (like the classic bun) except that it does not retain all the lengths of the hair but only half, hence its name half-bun, “half” meaning “half” in English. While it is often not possible to unite the squared lengths into a high bun, this half bun makes it possible to tie up and revisit it to perfection.

To create a half bun on short hair, the idea is to select only the strands located on the top of the head to make the tie. Depending on the length of your bob, the proportion of wicks to tie may vary. So do as you see fit because the final styling adapts on a case-by-case basis and to each square. On the other hand, the tutorial remains the same to achieve it: bring the locks in question towards the top of the head as if to make a ponytail then twist the short length on itself to wrap it in a mini bun. Tie with a thin elastic. To finish, gently pull on your attached front locks to restore a little bouncing at the roots and therefore volume to the hairstyle. If that is not enough because your hair is thin, you can also apply a little texturizing powder at the roots before tying.

Square veneered with barrettes

Square veneered with barrettes | 5 amazing ways to style your bob

Ideal if you don't have time to transform your bob by doing a full blow-dry or texturizing your hair, this third tie will work even with the shortest bobs! Here, we put everything on a trendy accessory: barrettes. Handy for disciplining your bob, taming flyaways, and adding a touch of whimsy to any look, barrettes are great allies for those days when your bob isn't styling itself satisfactorily. The must? Tuck them together on one side of the hair to create a sleek, pleated effect.

To easily reproduce this styling with barrettes, first, give the utmost care to your choice of barrettes. It is important to pay attention to the size of these if you plan to put more than one. Then, their look will also be very important for the success of your hairstyle. The most fashionable models? The tortoiseshell resin hair clips are available in multiple colors, the sequined bars, the metallic ones, or those delicately adorned with pearls for a more preppy look. And above all, don't hesitate to mix up styles. Setting up is quite simple: choose the side on which you want to wear the barrettes, then hand-flat your hair before retaining the large section with the barrettes you have chosen.

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