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Long Bob: The Airy Trend Hairstyle For Summer 2021


Those who cannot make up their minds often choose the golden mean. The long bob proves in summer 2021 that it does not necessarily come in gold, i.e. blonde, but also in other color variations. The trend hairstyle has been seen on the catwalks for some time and it is being reinterpreted many times this season. The shoulder length is particularly practical for the coming hot months because it is airy. If the term “Long Bob” is too bulky for you, you can abbreviate it - “Long” and “Bob” simply become “Praise”.

Long Bob: The Airy Trend Hairstyle For Summer 2021
Alberta Ferretti saw the long bob combed to the side parting at chin height, with a slightly blown-out wave and decorated with accessories.

Fine hair in particular is given more volume thanks to the practical trendy hairstyle that ends somewhere between chin and shoulder height. The cut visually gives more fullness and makes thin hair look healthier. Thicker hair, on the other hand, is given a lighter look for the summer by the lob.

Trend hairstyle: Long bob in 3 variants for summer 2021

1. Straight long bob with a center parting

With the strict straight long bob, also known as the “blunt cut”, the hair is cut exactly to the height of the trend hairstyle - without layers or waves. It's the ideal cut for thick hair that can be straightened with a straightener or other styling product. It is fixed with spray and gel, which gives the hair additional shine. At Hermès you saw the straight long bob with strong red lips for spring/summer 2021.

1. Straight long bob with a center parting | Long Bob: The Airy Trend Hairstyle For Summer 2021
On the catwalk at Hermès for spring/summer 2021: the straight long bob.

2. Natural long bob with side parting

This variant of the long bob is easy to style, especially with light natural waves. If you want to help the light undone look a bit, simply create subtle beach waves. For the look like straight from the beach, twist in individual strands after washing, optionally use a curling iron. Waves of different widths result in a particularly natural look. At Alberta Ferretti you saw the trend hairstyle with a loosely pulled side parting.

2. Natural long bob with side parting | Long Bob: The Airy Trend Hairstyle For Summer 2021
The natural long bob for the side parting, as seen at Alberta Ferretti.

3. Curly long bob with hair accessories

On the catwalk at Chanel, you saw the long bob styled in many ways - here the trend hairstyle was reinterpreted with three attributes. 1. With light waves, the bob falls to chin level. 2. A side part (or middle part) is straightened with a stick comb and smoothed with wet gel. 3. Finally, accessories such as narrow headbands, filigree ribbons, or subtle clips round off the curly long bob.

3. Curly long bob with hair accessories | Long Bob: The Airy Trend Hairstyle For Summer 2021
The styling for the long bob at Chanel spring/summer 2021.


Long Bob: How to look after the trend hairstyle?

Healthy tips are especially important in medium-length hairstyles because the ends of the hair frame the face. So nourishing and nourishing shampoos and treatments that give the hair shine and moisture are all the more essential. Hair oils such as argan, almond, or coconut oil are used for intensive care. Caution: only put the rich oil in the ends, otherwise a “wet look” will result on the hairline. In order to maintain the accurate contour of the hairstyle, regular trimming and trimming of the tips is essential. Especially with colored hair, pay attention to the approach, which can quickly stand out on a short long bob.

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