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Most Beautiful Hairstyle For Women Over 50 From Monica Bellucci


Monica Bellucci provides us with the most beautiful hairstyle for women over 50. Neither too short nor too long - Monica Bellucci shows the hairstyle with which long hair looks healthy and full from the age of 50.

Most Beautiful Hairstyle For Women Over 50 From Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci's hairstyle is by far one of the most beautiful hairstyles for women over 50.

That's not to say that Monica Bellucci's hair is the only one of its kind. We haven't believed for a long time that you have to cut your hair shorter after a certain age - and we know that the perfect haircut should really suit every hair texture.

Bellucci's shoulder-length bob with long bangs is one of those haircuts. It is the right choice for everyone who wants to wear it for a long time despite a certain loss of density or strength. Because hair also ages and, as the pharmacist, Modesta Cassinello explained to us, from the age of 50 it is common to notice fluctuations in the quality of the hair, especially in terms of volume, quantity, and thickness. So there are several reasons why the actress' hairstyle - which we saw on the front row of the Dior Haute Couture fashion show - is among the most beautiful for women over 50.

Most Beautiful Hairstyle For Women Over 50 From Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci knows which style makes her hair look particularly full and healthy.

3 golden rules for a timelessly beautiful hairstyle like Monica Bellucci

1. Shoulder length hair

Medium-length hair that extends slightly over the shoulder is the perfect choice when our head of hair is starting to lose its strength. The experts confirm that these intermediate lengths give the hair more density and texture and the feeling of healthy hair without losing length too much.

2. Movement in the hair creates more volume

The ideal hairstyle from 50 is neither completely straight nor heavily layered. The EspacioQ team explains that overly tousled manes are not the best option when hair is starting to lose density. "Straighter hair, the cut of which subtly brightens the tip area, is best suited to give the hair movement," said the experts. And that's exactly how Monica Bellucci wears it, with light, almost invisible layers that bring movement into the hair without it losing its density.

3. A long pony that frames the face

Bellucci's hairstyle is mostly enlivened by her long, open bangs. These types of bangs frame the face and cheekbones, but without obscuring the look, as too straight, thick or pronounced bangs could do, especially when the first wrinkles show and the look loses its expressiveness. "Long, light bangs with movement make the face softer. Short and too straight bangs, on the other hand, harden facial features," says the Espacio Q team.

3. A long pony that frames the face | Most Beautiful Hairstyle For Women Over 50 From Monica Bellucci
The light and long bangs frame the face and make it look softer for a more youthful effect.

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