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Amel Bent: Her Most Striking Hairstyles


Amel Bent turns 36 on Monday, June 21, 2021. The successful juror of The Voice and new ambassador of the Brave Together program with Maybelline is also a real hair chameleon. Find her most beautiful hairstyles between extensions, coloring, and waves.

Amel Bent: Her Most Striking Hairstyles

The great year 2021 for Amel Bent who turns 36 on June 21, 2021. The young mother had an excellent season as a juror of The Voice, but also through her outfits and looks that caused a sensation. A committed and feminist woman, she advocates sorority with Camélia Jordana and Vitaa and also becomes an ambassador for Brave Together, an awareness program launched by Maybelline France in the face of depression among young people.

New look, even if she hates being told about her weight, Amel Bent is also and above all a real hair chameleon as she has changed her hairstyle (the short bob, the long bob, the bangs, the very long hair ), color (blonde, brunette, auburn, red hair...), hairstyle (ponytail, bun, braid, very straight or very curly hair).

Amel Bent: Her Most Striking Hairstyles
Amel Bent in her debut, smooth hair, very long and brown...

Amel Bent and colored hair

She has tried everything and everything is fine with her. At her beginnings, she varies between a raven black coloring and a honey blonde which goes well with her caramel skin. Over the years, Amel Bent goes through all colors but often returns to brown hair or even jet black. She also has a "red hair" period but that passes quickly. In 2021, she adopts a light brown, ultra-trendy.

Amel Bent and colored hair | Amel Bent: Her Most Striking Hairstyles
Amel Bent and one of her many hair dyes...

Amel Bent and extensions

With a hairdresser mother, of course, she is used to changing her head and does not deprive herself of it. Whether it is to wear them loose naturally, for an epi braid, or for a high ponytail, Amel Bent uses and abuses extensions at will. On the set of The Voice, she also often had fun with dreadlocks for a look that detonates.

Amel Bent and extensions | Amel Bent: Her Most Striking Hairstyles
Amel Bent knows how to use extensions for an amazing smooth ponytail...

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