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Drying Hair Properly: How To Prevent Frizz And Damage, According To The Expert?


With this simple step-by-step guide, you can dry your hair without breaking it.

Drying Hair Properly: How To Prevent Frizz And Damage, According To The Expert?

Drying your hair properly: this is how you can do it without damaging your hair

Emilie Rondeau, GHD hair expert, reveals how you can dry your hair as gently as possible and at the same time ensure shine, volume, and natural curl.

How does heat affect hair?

"In order to create beautiful styles without straining the hair, you have to understand how heat affects the hair and pay attention to a few things. Hair has a complex structure. The main component is keratin. The outer layer, the so-called cuticle The cortex, the middle, is also made of keratin, but it is more flexible. This gives the hair strength and elasticity. It is a mistake to believe that it is gentler if you air dries your hair instead of blow-drying it. When you wet the hair, it changes its structure. The water that penetrates the cortex causes the hair to swell, weakening it. Hair can hold up to 30 percent of its weight. The longer it is If it stays wet, the more it swells up. Repeated swelling and slow drying can break up the structure and damage it irreversibly. "

This is how you can dry your hair properly

  1. "Use a terry towel to remove excess water without rubbing. Rubbing it could break up already weakened hair and cause frizz."
  2. "Once the hair is towel-dry and detangled with a comb or flat brush, you can use a hairdryer - on a low heat and a blower setting. Ideally, keep the nozzle about six inches from the hair and keep moving. You can raise the temperature when the hair is 90 percent dry. "
  3. "If you want volume, you can dry your hair by tilting your head forward and directing the airflow towards the roots."
  4. "Shine is created when the airflow runs towards the ends of the hair. A powerful hairdryer with a precise nozzle ensures a flawless, shiny finish without knots and frizz."
  5. "The best way to dry curly hair is with a diffuser - slowly and with a low fan setting to avoid frizz."
  6. "So that the hairstyle lasts as long as possible, you should put it on the cold setting at the end. This is how you seal the cuticle."
  7. "If you decide to use a straightening iron or other heat tool afterward, make sure your hair is completely dry so you don't damage it."

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