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Elizabeth Ii And Her Hair: Her Hairdresser Subject To A Requirement


Perfect from head to toe. Concerned about her style, the queen is also on her beauty. Elizabeth II wants her hairstyle to be perfectly asymmetrical.

Elizabeth II And Her Hair: Her Hairdresser Subject To A Requirement

"Virtually perfect in every way" as Mary Poppins puts it so well. In her sixty-nine reign, Queen Elizabeth II has risen to the rank of the fashion icon. In each of her official appearances, Prince Charles' mother impresses with her often a colorful sense of style. If her brightly colored wardrobe does not go unnoticed, so does her beauty. Rain, shine, snow, Elizabeth II wears a styling that is always impeccable. To achieve such a result, the grandmother of princes Harry and William is uncompromising towards her hairdressers. In his last tweet, Richard Eden revealed the secret to this perfect hairstyle from all angles. "I met Her Majesty's former hairdresser. He told me that the Queen makes a point of having perfectly symmetrical hair," presenter Esther Rantzen told the Daily Mail columnist.

Hairdressers must therefore ensure that the queen's hairstyle is "always the same regardless of which side people are looking at," the source reveals. And the choice of this hairstyle that rebels on the sides are not trivial. Adopted in the 1960s, this styling allows the queen to put on and take off her headgear without being messed up. What more can we say: hats off for this result!



Elizabeth II: Queen of her image

Do not improvise queen of style who wants. Although competition is fierce in the Windsor clan, Elizabeth II retains her crown. Alongside Kate Middleton, always very chic, and Meghan Markle true fashionista, the queen continues to cause a sensation at each of her outings. And no need for a whole team of makeup artists to help her with her beauty. Queen Elizabeth II wears her own makeup every day of the year except when recording the Christmas message. Concerned about the smallest detail, the queen makes sure to be impeccable down to the tips of her nails. The latter always sports a perfect manicure. A beauty tip that Brigitte Macron even borrowed from him. Enough to make Elizabeth II once again indestructible.

Elizabeth II: Queen of her image | Elizabeth II And Her Hair: Her Hairdresser Subject To A Requirement
Queen Elizabeth II unveils a plaque at the new Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Museum at Stirling Castle, Scotland on June 29, 2021.

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