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Split Ends And Brittle Hair? Maybe You Make This Mistake When Styling Your Hair


Do you have split ends and brittle hair? You may be making this common hairstyling mistake...

Split ends and hair breakage can have different causes. Here we draw attention to a certain error that can be a reason for such damages.

Split ends and brittle hair? Maybe You Make This Mistake When Styling Your Hair

This hairstyling mistake is the cause of hair breakage and split ends

Of course, you can use various products to counteract frizz and split ends. But we want to get to the root of the problem - by avoiding a common hairstyling mistake. Here we tell you what you can do, among other things, to avoid hair breakage and other damage in the future.

We want to avoid this mistake when styling our hair

Do you straighten your hair in between or curl it from time to time? Then you're used to them slowly losing their shape the next day. And that would actually be the time when you reach for the straightening iron or curling iron again. But this is precisely the mistake that can cause split ends. Applying heat to dry hair that has previously been heating styling can cause damage, resulting in brittle, dry hair that breaks easily.

Avoiding the cause of hair breakage: This is what experts recommend

Experts, therefore, recommend that you omit the heat if you want to freshen up hair that has already been styled with heat. Instead, you can use some dry shampoo, serum, or oil to help the hairstyle do its thing. If you still want to work with the straightening iron or curling iron again, you should definitely wash your hair in between. Even if it takes more time, it's worth it. If you make a long-term mistake in this matter and keep making the mistake, you risk hair bonds breaking due to heat. And that would in turn mean that the mane loses elasticity, strength, and resilience over time.

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