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How do Brazilians groom themselves? What do French women value most? And what is the secret of German women? We take a look at the beauty rituals of women around the world. This is how the world creams, makeup, and smells.

Worldwide beauty secrets: this is what countries value

The ideal of beauty: Japan

The ideal of beauty: Japan | Worldwide beauty secrets

Japanese women love fair complexion.

No Japanese woman will voluntarily sunbathe. The ideal of beauty in Asia: a porcelain complexion. Day creams with sun protection factor, peelings, and lightening whitening creams are the best sellers. The almond eyes are often made up, lips in delicate rose accentuated. Also interesting: In contrast to many other countries, thin lips and round faces are very much appreciated by Asians.

On a trial course with light perfumes

Asian noses are sensitive, heavy smells could annoy others and are therefore frowned upon.

The ideal of beauty: USA

The ideal of beauty: USA | Worldwide beauty secrets

More is more, say the Americans.

Hollywood sends its regards. Glistening white teeth, a supernaturally smooth complexion, long wavy mane - American women love it flawless. At any age. For a perfect look, peel, dye (gray hair is taboo!), Inject Botox, visit the nail salon, and, if necessary, help with cosmetic surgery.

The hit: a bleached film star smile

For most women, dieting and fitness training are as natural a part of everyday life as whitening, manicures, and gently tanned skin - all year round.

The ideal of beauty: Brazil

The ideal of beauty: Brazil | Worldwide beauty secrets

The main thing is colorful, is the motto in Brazil.

You are more likely to discover a fly in the ointment than on the body of a Brazilian woman. Waxing is a must - no wonder it is also called Brazilian waxing.

And nowhere is the fight against cellulite more tenacious than in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of the body cult. Brazilian women let their beauty taste a lot. They spend around 2 billion euros a year on peelings, slimming lotions, masks, cures, eye creams, and various anti-aging products. More than the German women. And: Brazil ranks second among the countries with the most cosmetic surgeries, behind the USA.

Colorful is beautiful

Brazilian women like it colorful. On toenails and fingernails as well as in terms of make-up: For example, eye shadows in all rainbow colors.


The ideal of beauty: Germany

The ideal of beauty: Germany | Worldwide beauty secrets

Natural cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular with German women.

First gray hair? No problem. Most accept the signs of the times. It is only colored if it suits the type. For every second woman, charisma and inner values count more than multi-layered make-up.

Cosmetics? Of course!

Organic is booming. The interest in products with natural active ingredients is particularly increasing in Germany. Women especially use natural cosmetics for make-up that comes into contact with sensitive facial skin.

The ideal of beauty: India

The ideal of beauty: India | Worldwide beauty secrets

Expressive eyes are a must for Indian women.

Fruit and vegetable juices, vegetable oils, milk, honey - in India food is also food for beauty. The women make face masks and cleansing lotions themselves from tasty ingredients. Aromatic oils and flower essences strengthen the hair and give the complexion a silky shimmer.

Beauty in view

In the past, women used charcoal to surround their eyes to protect them from the sun. Today black kohl is part of the beauty base.

The ideal of beauty: France

The ideal of beauty: France | Worldwide beauty secrets

Femininity and naturally elegant fragrances are popular with French women.

In the land of luxury cosmetics, women emphasize their femininity with passion and eye shadow. The French woman loves to constantly try out new looks. She uses mascara, lipstick, rouge, and signals red nail polish.

In love with sensual scents

In order to beguile with all senses, the femme fatale like to use exclusive perfumes.

A comparison of beauty ideals worldwide: the attempt

Esther Honig, a Mexican journalist, started an exciting self-experiment. She posted a photo of herself and asked Photoshop artists from all over the world to optimize them according to their ideas to the respective ideal of beauty.

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