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Buttercream Blonde Hair Color: Cutest Blonde Of The Moment!


Want to sublimate your natural blonde or go blonde? Fall for the blonde buttercream, the flagship blonde color of the moment. We reveal the little secrets of its delicious nuances!

Buttercream blonde hair color: Cutest blonde of the moment!

Polar blonde bordering on white, honey blonde with golden highlights, neutral blonde-beige… There is no shortage of blonde shades to display canon blonde hair. But now, not all are created equal when it comes to flattering the color of our skin or giving beautiful relief to our lengths. The good news, the new trendy blonde hair color of the moment, blonde buttercream, has both of these qualities. So it will certainly be eye-catching if you are considering a radical change in hair color from your chestnut or natural brown. If you are already naturally blonde, she has, again, great promises to make you because she is able to shade your base blonde to infuse it with gourmet highlights worthy of those that chocolate balayage draws in brown hair...

What is buttercream blonde hair color?

It is a blonde hair color with nuances that actually consists of mixing several different blondes together to obtain a hair of a soft blonde, greedy and almost creamy. Hence its pretty name of blond buttercream in reference to buttercream which also reveals a range of tempting blonde shades. The buttercream blonde is obtained more precisely by combining locks of a champagne blonde with strands of a luminous honey blonde and others of an ultra-natural baby blonde, in other words, shades of blonde both warm and cold. This is why this blonde manages to sublimate most skin tones. Something unusual for a blond. Its warm tones are in fact in perfect harmony with golden, warm skin tones, and its cooler undertones go wonderfully with cold skin tones. A real asset to go blonde without false notes whatever the skin tone.

If you are looking for a blonde color that is not uniform and that is likely to flatter your complexion, then do not hesitate to adopt the blonde buttercream. With its pretty soft reflections that do not pull too much towards yellow or too much towards white, this easy-to-wear blonde coloring has everything and will brighten your hair in a natural way.

What is buttercream blonde hair color? | Buttercream blonde hair color: Cutest blonde of the moment!
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Buttercream blonde: for whom?

As we were telling you just now, this blonde with multiple highlights has the advantage of highlighting many skin colors, unlike most blondes which go either to cold or warm skin tones. So you can easily adapt it without risking it swearing with your complexion, whether your skin is fair and dew or golden. But keep in mind that for this nuanced blonde to keep its natural effect, it shouldn't be too different from the color of your skin ... If you have tanned or dark skin, your coloring will inevitably be less natural... It's up to you to see if you dare to look assertive with light blonde hair that clashes with your skin or not.

Ultimately, it is your natural hair color that should help you decide because it is this that can be a real obstacle to achieving or adopting that "buttercream blonde". This blonde is indeed particularly suitable for light to medium bases, and not really for dark hair. Indeed, it is very easy to create it on natural blond hair, and this coloring is also perfect to go to blond when you have brown hair because its greedy shades blend in well, the regrowth remains quite natural and therefore the color. easy to maintain. It is also possible to lighten light to medium brown before highlighting it with blond locks without the maintenance at the roots becoming a headache. On the other hand, this highlighted light blonde is much more complicated to obtain on dark hair (dark brown type of ebony hair) because it would then be necessary to move away from the original color to obtain it thanks to thorough bleaching (which might even give unwanted red highlights to the hair). The hair would of course be greatly sensitized, and maintaining the color could then be perilous given the many steps to achieve it. All this without counting the regrowth in roots which would then not be the most flattering ...

This is why we only recommend this crisp blonde with blond, chestnut, or light brown hair maximum.

Buttercream blonde: for whom? | Buttercream blonde hair color: Cutest blonde of the moment!
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Buttercream blonde: for whom? | Buttercream blonde hair color: Cutest blonde of the moment!
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Buttercream blonde: for whom? | Buttercream blonde hair color: Cutest blonde of the moment!
Buttercream blonde: for whom? | Buttercream blonde hair color: Cutest blonde of the moment!
Instagram: @bellesalonandspa

Buttercream blonde: for whom? | Buttercream blonde hair color: Cutest blonde of the moment!

How to adopt the blonde buttercream coloring?

You will understand that this nuanced coloring is not achieved by applying a uniform color all over the hair, but rather by sweeping. The short answer would therefore be: by going to the hairdresser. Only the expertise of a colorist can, in fact, allow you to obtain this hair color which is built by a skillful mixture of several shades of blonde. These must blend well with each other so that your “buttercream blond” is beautiful. We strongly advise against trying the experience alone at home. Rather see you in the salon!

To go into more detail, it will also depend on your natural hair color because the transition to buttercream blonde is easier on blonde hair than on brown hair. Indeed, with a blonde base, a simple multi-tone balayage can be enough to give you this hair transformation. On brown hair, it is more or less the same thing even if your hairdresser will have to adapt the shades of the balayage and the size of the locks he/she will achieve in your hair to your darker natural color in order to lighten enough all of your hair, in addition to recreating that feeling of softness characteristic of “buttercream blond”. With brown hair, expect to spend hours in the salon to lighten your hair enough and dress it up in these various shades of blonde while sporting a balayage that doesn't create a root effect.

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