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Hair Color: 3 Essential Tips To Maintain Your Blonde


From fleece to Californian, this is "the" winning color. We give you all the leads to maintain it.

Hair Color: 3 Essential Tips To Maintain Your Blonde

Blond is making a comeback, especially among 18-25 year olds, who no longer hesitate to push the discoloration into the palest and coldest tones. But whether we dare the transformation or whether we are content with a sweep, or even a few strands of sunlight, the operation is not trivial. By destructuring the fiber, the hair, weakened, becomes more porous and brittle. In addition, without regular maintenance, the color can quickly turn yellow and dull. To counter these effects, we adopt the right strategy.

Limit breakage

During discoloration, the hair fiber is oxidized and chemically altered. Her protective barrier is impaired, which makes her very vulnerable. To help it replenish, compensate with shampoos and treatments rich in lipids. And this, with each wash.

Avoid yellowing

Due to oxidation, yellow or orange reflections may appear. The parade? Formulas with purple or bluish pigments which, by chromatic complementarity, cool the color. Use once a month at least, leaving it on for three to five minutes.

Boost radiance

Very quickly dull, blonde hair is fond of sublimating treatments, which infuse shine and vitality in their reflections. Shampoo, "gloss effect" mask, lightening jelly... these treatments also delight natural blondes by mimicking the sun-kissed strands of your return from vacation.

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