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Emma Watson: Her New Hairstyle Is Surprisingly Short


Emma Watson got a new hairstyle and did it just right: she got rid of her lockdown hair. Find out here the trend hairstyle with which the British actress is already surprising us.

Emma Watson with a new hairstyle and short hair

Emma Watson: Her new hairstyle is surprisingly short

British actress and activist Emma Watson surprises with a new hairstyle: a bob! And one that couldn't have been shorter. So she was in the mood for hairstyling with trend potential and fresh appeal. Goodbye to that outgrown lockdown hair and get on with one of the hottest haircuts and hairstyle trends of the season.

Emma Watson - she's on trend with her new bob hairstyle

The "Little Women" actress is best known for her naturalness and her feather-light look, so it's no wonder that Emma Watson's extremely casual haircut looks great.

However, she is currently not alone with the trend hairstyle: How diverse a bob hairstyle can be is shown by its various styling variations. Kaia Gerber, for example, bet on the French bob and what would Alexa Chung be without her iconic messy bob? Emma Watson, on the other hand, opted for the particularly easy-care long bob variant, a variation of the classic bob hairstyle in which we wear our hair up to the shoulder or a little beyond.

A new short hairstyle gives the ends of the hair a soothing reset

Big styling is not absolutely necessary with this hairstyle, because the bob shines especially in combination with a natural texture. The long bob is particularly good for giving our hair time to breathe, as long and broken ends are cut off and a natural, healthy look is created. The best thing about it: If the next visit to the hairdresser is a long time coming, Emma Watson is well-armed with her new hairstyle. Because when a bob grows out, a completely new look is created with each subsequent hair length - and that without scissors and a lot of effort.

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