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Hair Care In Winter - Six Tips For A Healthy Head Of Hair


Our hair is exposed to hard stress in winter. So that the cold season causes as little damage as possible, we reveal the six tips for hair care in winter.

Hair Care In Winter - Six Tips For A Healthy Head Of Hair

In winter our body is exposed to many extremes. The cold temperatures and dry heating air not only affect our immune system and our skin but also our hair suffer from the weather conditions. These can lead to a flaky scalp, brittle hair, and dry ends.

It is therefore advisable to adjust your hair care routine during the cold season to counteract the effects of winter. With these six tips, hair care in winter becomes child's play:

1. Tip: Don't wash your hair too often

Experts advise against washing your hair too often, not only in winter. It can dry out the scalp and hair. But the cold and dry air can intensify the effect even more. The result: a dry scalp and straw-like hair.

Washing your hair two to three times a week is enough to get rid of dirt and grease. When washing, also make sure that the shampoo is only used on the scalp. This keeps your lengths from drying out too quickly.

2. Tip: Use moisturizing products

After surviving a few harsh winter days, your hair wants nothing more than a good moisture boost. Therefore, when it comes to shampoo, conditioner, etc., use products that promise exactly that.

Many brands have even developed entire winter care ranges that give your hair exactly what it needs in the cold season. This will prevent your hair from drying out and looking strawy.

3. Tip: Treat your hair to a pampering treatment

Nothing is nicer on a cold winter day than treating yourself to an extended care program. Don't forget your hair either. Pamper your hair with a rich mask that moisturizes and seals it in the hair.

Leave it on for at least an hour to get the best possible results. This keeps them nice and supple and shiny all winter long.


4. Tip: Adjust your hair styling

Not only the winter is an extraordinary burden for the hair. Straightening, blow-drying, and the like damage your hair. That's why it's important to always use a heat protectant when styling at high temperatures. This forms a protective covering around the hair shaft, minimizing damage.

Hair oil should also be missing from your styling routine in winter. While your hair is still damp, give it through the lengths and work it in well. In this way, additional moisture can be stored.

5. Tip: Have your hair cut at the barber

Even if it is sometimes difficult to part with your hair, this must still be done regularly. The ends of the hair are particularly prone to drying out and split ends. By regularly trimming the tips, you can prevent the problems from getting worse or from developing in the first place, especially in winter.

6. Tip: Hats and the like protect your hair outdoors

Hats and headbands not only keep your head nice and warm, but they also offer your hair an extra portion of protection from the wintry weather conditions outdoors. Wet and cold winds cannot harm them.

If your hair gets charged up by rubbing with the cuddly accessories, you can simply work some hair oil into it.

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