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Why Do We Have Oilier Hair In Winter?


Whether you wash them every day or every other day, nothing helps! The hair re-greases with lightning speed. Explanations with Denis Do Amoral, L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador.

Why Do We Have Oilier Hair In Winter?

Nothing could be more annoying than feeling like you have dirty hair after washing it! And this is often the case in winter when the hair greases much faster than usual. Don't panic, all of this can be explained quite simply: "Having greasier hair in winter is often linked to wearing a hat," explains Denis Do Amoral, L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador. Because yes, bundling up can make you sweat!

The important thing to know is that scalp sebum becomes liquid at warmer temperatures and, with perspiration, it spreads more over the hair and makes the roots appear oily. CQFD. Another explanation: we tend to tie our hair much more in winter, more practical when we wear a beanie, a chapka, a hat, etc. But be careful, the fact of attaching them prevents the scalp from breathing, which, suddenly, produces more sebum. Thus making the hair more oily.

What solutions to avoid having oily hair in winter

"Avoid exciting the scalp. So, when you wash your hair, gently massage the product without rubbing or "scratching" the scalp, "says the pro. Try rinsing off with warm or cold water as water that is too hot unfortunately stimulates the production of sebum. Let your hair air-dry, as the hairdryer tends to dry out the skin while also stimulating the production of sebum. Even if it takes some effort, try to shampoo 48 hours apart - the time it takes for the sebaceous glands to regulate themselves and return to a normal rhythm. Also, know that a specific shampoo for oily hair really helps to space out the shampoos and restore healthy hair and nice volume. Ultra-soft, endowed with a neutral pH, they are mostly composed of clay or nettle, active ingredients long recognized for their sebum-regulating properties.

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