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Made Quick: 5 Pretty Home Office Hairstyles


Not in the mood for an elaborate hairstyle? These home office hairstyles can be styled super quickly and are suitable for meetings.

Made quick: 5 pretty home office hairstyles
Home office hairstyles: We show the most beautiful ideas

Home office hairstyles

Hairstyling can suffer in the home office. Admittedly, we also make less effort at home than we did on office days. Elaborate deep waves or braided hairstyles? We have neither the inclination nor the time for that. But pigtail hairstyles, hair accessories, and quick out-of-bed hairstyles are now more popular than ever. Still need some inspiration for quick, video call-ready hairstyles? Here are our top 5:

High bun

High bun | Made quick: 5 pretty home office hairstyles

It is probably the most beautiful and simplest variant of the bun: the high bun. It is combed strictly upwards and fixed as high up as possible. The delicate baby hair, which likes to slip out of the braid at the hairline, can be shaped with the help of a hair mascara. So fast and so pretty!


Headbands | Made quick: 5 pretty home office hairstyles

XXL headbands have been a popular hair accessory since 2019. Beauties elegantly hide their out-of-bed hairstyles. Simply comb the mane, knead it with hairspray or hair oil and tame it with the headband. Always looks great!


Hair clips

Hair clips | Made quick: 5 pretty home office hairstyles

Whatever works: clip cool hair clips into your hair. They make even the boring home office hairstyle look cooler. Leonie Hanne puts her straight hair to the middle part and fixes it in a sleek look. The pony section is then simply tucked aside with a few hair clips.

Natural waves

Natural waves | Made quick: 5 pretty home office hairstyles

Your hair is a bit wavy and disheveled in the morning? Perfect conditions! Wear them a little more naturally. Natural curls or curls also look great. Do something good for your hair every now and then and skip the straightening iron. A little styling spray is enough!

Low ponytail

Low ponytail | Made quick: 5 pretty home office hairstyles

This braid is the ultimate SOS hairstyle for hopeless bad hair days. Simply comb the mane straight down and tie it in a deep ponytail at the nape of the neck. If you want, you can dress the whole thing up with elegant bobby pins. A simple low ponytail does it too.

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