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Short Haircuts! 3 Most Beautiful Ideas For Short Hair


Actually, the bob is considered the favorite hairstyle of trendsetters par excellence - after all, it is versatile, always looks elegant, and convinces with a practical midi length. But the long-running favorite will now have competition again for the first time in 2022 because the hairstyle trend forecasts clearly show: Short hair will celebrate a comeback in the coming months and are therefore a new and modern alternative to the bob hairstyle. But there are also different cuts and styles with regard to short hairstyles: We explain which ones you absolutely have to know in 2022 and what characterizes the new short haircuts.

Short Haircuts! 3 Most Beautiful Ideas for Short Hair
Hairstyle trend in the new year 2022: Actress Úrsula Corberó wears the trendy mixie - a combination of mullet and pixie cut.

Hairstyle trend 2022: Everyone loves short haircuts! This is how you wear short hair now

1. Hairstyle trend 2022 for short hair: Mixie

1. Hairstyle trend 2022 for short hair: Mixie | Short Haircuts! 3 Most Beautiful Ideas for Short Hair
Mullet meets pixie cut – and becomes the mixie hairstyle trend. (Coach Spring/Summer 2022)

Short hairstyles are anything but well-behaved in 2022 - and reflect the big hairstyle trend all around fringed retro haircuts. Because the mullet now makes common cause with the classic pixie cut - and that results in a new and super hip hairstyle trend duet! The basis for this is the pixie, which is characterized by short hair on the back of the neck and on the sides and a slightly longer top coat on the top of the head.

The topcoat of the mixie can be worn a little longer and fall on the forehead with a casual fringe. It also belongs – very importantly – to the wild stage. The hair on the nape of the neck and on the temples is also longer in this 2022 hairstyle trend but is thinned out considerably to create the typical fringed mullet look. The styling is also important with the Mixie because it should by no means be too perfect. Natural waves and swirls and a slightly tousled look perfectly emphasize the rocking charm of the hairstyle trend.

2. Hairstyle trend 2022 for short hair: Buzz cut

2. Hairstyle trend 2022 for short hair: Buzz cut | Short Haircuts! 3 Most Beautiful Ideas for Short Hair
Accentuates your facial features: The androgynous buzz cut. (Koché Spring/Summer 2022)

The buzz cut is actually a classic men's haircut, but in 2022 it will be preferred by women. This ensures a very elegant, trend-conscious, and androgynous look because the hair is trimmed to a few millimeters in this hairstyle trend 2022. This not only shortens the everyday styling routine in the bathroom to a minimum but also beautifully emphasizes facial features. Sure: The buzz cut requires commitment and ensures a radical change in type - but it is one of the most beautiful and courageous haircuts of the year, which stands out from the usual bob hairstyles and puts the face in the limelight.


3. Hairstyle trend 2022 for short hair: Bixie

3. Hairstyle trend 2022 for short hair: Bixie | Short Haircuts! 3 Most Beautiful Ideas for Short Hair
Bob and pixie cut will be combined into bixie in 2022. (Prada Spring/Summer 2022)

The mixie is not the only trend liaison of the year, because there is a second hybrid haircut that is one of the hottest contenders for the most beautiful short hairstyles. This is called bixie and is a mix of bob and pixie cut. The hair is worn short on the sides and the top hair is also trimmed short in the style of the classic pixie. However, the hair can be a little longer at the nape of the neck, which is a bit reminiscent of short bob and gives the short haircut a new and feminine twist. Supermodel Gigi Hadid already wore the hairstyle trend 2022 on the Prada catwalk and thus provides the perfect template for the next visit to the hairdresser, where with this knowledge you might get a little more than just the tips cut...

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