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Hair: Here Are The 5 Foods You Should Eat To Make Them Grow Faster, According To A Specialist


These foods are essential for hair growth. They ensure their beauty, health, and vigor. We should make sure to eat it daily. Explanations.

Hair: Here Are The 5 Foods You Should Eat To Make Them Grow Faster, According To A Specialist
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Having beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair is the result of many parameters. The care provided, the environment but also food play their part. This last point is often relegated to the background, yet the foods we eat daily have an impact on hair growth. “Hair is made up of 97% protein,” an expert in trichology told Glamor. He specifies that to grow in good conditions, they need the contribution of five essential elements: "complete proteins, vitamins, minerals and water" to which are added: "omega 3 fatty acids".

According to his expertise, the hair should receive a daily dose of protein. “Make sure you eat at least a palm-sized serving for breakfast and lunch,” he says. And to cite fish, eggs, lean meat, quinoa, or even legumes as being fabulous allies.

The expert specifies that the hair must be given enough energy to ensure its growth. And to do this, include complex carbohydrates like rice, whole wheat toast, potatoes with skin, or oatmeal.

Another boost

The expert also specifies, and not surprisingly, that "smoking, alcohol or diets high in sugar can lead to scalp problems". Many tips are known to act on hair growth: between oils, scalp massages, butter, or even pre-shampoos. Supplements can also come to the rescue. "Your hair has particularly high nutritional needs which can be difficult to meet by diet alone" explains the expert who specifies that it is necessary to bet on iron, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega, and biotin according to needs and deficiencies.

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