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4 Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair


Would you like a short haircut in spring and summer? If you have a thick hair structure, we especially recommend these four pretty hairstyles...

4 Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair
These hairstyles are perfect for warm days...

After many wore the same hairstyle over and over in the past few months, it is time for a change. And what would be a better occasion than the approaching warm season? Short haircuts are made for warm spring and summer days. So instead of the usual bun, here are a few alternative suggestions for beautiful hairstyles:

1. Outgrowing pixie

This practical and chic haircut is great for both straight and curly hair. The outgrown pixie is a cool and stylish hairstyle that is particularly suitable for thick hair. Of course, you don't have to have a pixie cut and then wait forever - this hairstyle just gives the appearance of a "grown out" pixie. It is best to discuss your desired length with your hairdresser.

1. Outgrowing pixie | 4 Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Instagram: @misstpw

2. one-length bob

The iconic bob should of course not be missing from the list of the most beautiful short hairstyles. With this variant, each hair is cut to the same length - hence the name one-length. This pretty bob looks great especially in the version that ends at the nape of the neck. Thanks to a thick hair structure, the bob does not appear thin or voluminous, it can be styled great and can also be worn with pretty curls.

2. one-length bob | 4 Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Instagram: @hannastefansson

3. Deep side parting

Women with a thick hair structure can easily wear a deep side part. This makes the hair even more voluminous and full. The deep side parting is particularly beautiful with a hairstyle with layers or a bob. The hairstyle should definitely have structure because a side parting on straight hair looks a bit out of place. The strands can be wild or curly.

3. Deep side parting | 4 Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Instagram: @greceghanem


4. Layered bob

The straight-cut bob looks particularly good on thick hair, but the layered bob is also impressive. With this variant, the hair is cut in stages. The overall look looks wilder, brings movement to the hairstyle, and is great to style. With thin hair, this bob can make the hair look even thinner, so it is especially suitable for women with thick hair structures. Nicholas Hardwick is the stylist at Josh Wood Color and says the layered bob is one of the most popular hairstyles that customers are asking for.

4. Layered bob | 4 Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Instagram: @fannyekstrand

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