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More Energy In Everyday Life: 5 Tips Against Lethargy And Tiredness


Do you feel exhausted and tired all the time? You are not alone in this. Izy George, Lululemon ambassador and co-founder of Grndhouse, told us how to escape the energy dip.

Goodbye fatigue: tricks for more energy in everyday life

Do you constantly feel exhausted and can no longer imagine how you coped with your everyday life before Corona? When you consider how much life has changed for most of us in the past few months, it's no surprise. Instead of going out, we stay at home and watch TV, and while it used to be perfectly normal to drive to work, to the gym, and maybe even to the hairdresser on the same day, we already feel broken today if only we have done a thing like this.

More Energy In Everyday Life: 5 Tips Against Lethargy And Tiredness

"During the lockdown, we use a lot less physical energy because we can't do what kept us moving before," said Izy George, Lululemon ambassador and co-founder of Grndhouse. "Our bodies have got used to the less activity. When we return to our new everyday life, it may well be that we initially feel overwhelmed by the increased stimulation. That can make us very tired," she explains.

5 tips for more energy in everyday life

But how can you get more energy again and prepare yourself for a time after the lockdown? George shared her best tips with us.

Tip #1: Don't overdo it

"Try not to go from zero to one hundred percent. Gradually return to your previous lifestyle. Don't put yourself under pressure and increase your activity slowly."

Tip #2: Get moving

"Getting your body moving again will definitely increase your energy levels. Adjust the intensity of your exercise to your current level. If you do strength training, reduce the sets and the weight you lift. Go slow and don't start right where you left off a year ago. Make sure you have enough recovery time to avoid sore muscles (or DOMS) - I like to use the Lulumon Double Foam Roller. "


Tip #3: Take a rest

"Rest and sleep give us the most energy back. Regular sleep times help the body recover from the day's exertion. A quiet evening routine promotes a good night's sleep and ensures that you wake up fresh and rested the next day."

Tip #4: Eat yourself fit

"A strict diet is not necessary, but it is important to eat fresh, healthy foods that provide energy to the body. Processed foods, too much alcohol, and excessive amounts of sugar make us tired. So try to eat consciously. and make sure that you get enough fuel to be prepared for all (new) activities of your everyday life. "

Tip #5: Take care of your mental health

"Meditation is a wonderful tool for aligning the mind and preserving that energy that is often used for emotional stress. It's been a tough year, so don't underestimate the mental challenge that comes with a gradual return to everyday life. Treat yourself to quiet moments to recharge your batteries and feel fresh and focused again."

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