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Hairstyle Trend Curly Girl Method: How To Get Straight Hair Curls!


It's the usual hairstyle phenomenon: you always want to have what you don't have. For everyone with straight hair who would like to have curls, that could change now. Because the Curly Girl method promises that even a smooth hair structure is capable of waves and curls - if you only care for it properly!

Hairstyle trend: With the Curly Girl method, even straight hair should get curls!

Hairstyle trend: With the Curly Girl method, even straight hair should get curls! | Hairstyle Trend Curly Girl Method: How To Get Straight Hair Curls!
Not everyone is naturally gifted with curls - or are they? According to the Curly Girl method, even straight hair can be given its bounce back with the right care (Longchamp, autumn/winter 2019/20)

The method goes back to the book "Curly Girl: The Handbook" by Lorraine Massey - from 2001. Thanks to Instagram and TikTok, the hairstyle trend is now experiencing a comeback. The British author (herself a curly hair wearer) believes that a lot of hair has the potential to curl. Only the wrong kind of care loosens the hair and robs it of elasticity and the necessary bounce.

Curly Girl Method: With this hairstyle trend, straight hair can also get curls

The Curly Girl Method for Curls can be broken down into a few essential guidelines. The basis of the hairstyle trend: Knowing and taking into account the needs of your own hair structure - and thus strengthening your hair. The method not only cares for the hair optimally, but it can also provide one or the other surprise when straight hair suddenly turns into beautiful waves or even curls.

Choose shampoos without silicones and sulfates

If you want curls, you should soon take a look at the composition of the shampoo. For the Curly Girl method, silicone-free and sulfate-free shampoos should be used. Massage the shampoo well into the lengths and then rinse thoroughly. Finally, a nourishing conditioner is worked right up to the hairline. Basically: if possible, do not wash your hair every day and rinse it out with cold rather than hot water. This seals the cuticle of the hair, includes care, and lets the lengths shine beautifully.

By the way: A variant of the Curly Girl method follows the “no-poo” movement, meaning that no shampoo is used at all. Here the hair is only washed with conditioner every two to three days.


Detangle the hair with a comb instead of a brush

Those who long for curls should ban all hairbrushes from the bathroom. Instead, the hair should be detangled with a comb. And: With the Curly Girl Method, the hair should only be combed when it is wet. If the hair is already dry, take your fingers and carefully untangle the lengths.

Dry your hair without heat

Hairdryer, curling iron, and straightening iron have no place in the Curly Girl method (and if you do have to blow-dry, only on a cold setting and with a diffuser attachment!). It is best to let your hair air dry, otherwise, you should use the plopping method. Knead the water from the bottom up from the lengths. Then you let your hair fall upside down on a microfiber towel and wrap it up into a turban until it is dry. This protects the texture of the curls.

Rely on special care for curls

Finally, you should take care of the upcoming curls with appropriate care. Leave-in conditioner, hair oils, or a special curling cream are suitable for this. It is important that the hair is properly supplied with moisture again - because according to the Curly Girl method, intensive care is what teases curls and waves out of otherwise rather straight hair.

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