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Mousy Hair: New Color Trend To Brighten Your Hair


Adopted by Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, the hair trend of mousy hair is igniting social networks. We tell you all about this new beauty trend.

Mousy hair: New color trend to brighten your hair

Instagram: @chrisappleton1

Goodbye sweeping! If this coloring has imposed itself in our hair for many seasons, this year it is in competition with mousy hair. Popularized by Chris Appleton, this color full of nuances brightens your hair without distorting it. It, therefore, fits perfectly into the big 2021 trend: natural hair. Indeed, this year, we are forgetting platinum blondes and favoring colorings that embellish our natural hair color. And that's exactly what the mousy hair offers.

On his Instagram account, the star hairdresser of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez explains how he achieves this effect on Kim Kardashian's hair. He says, “I lightened Kim's bronde a bit [...], the secret to it being fresh and bright is to add a dark base to the root.” So you will understand, by adding lighter shades on the lengths and choosing a base slightly darker than your natural color at the roots, the mousy hair sublimates your natural color without distorting it. Many celebrities have succumbed to this technique, such as Olivia Palermo, Hailey Bieber, Romee Strijd, or Caroline Receveur.

Mousy hair: New color trend to brighten your hair

Instagram: @oliviapalermo

Balayage, bronde or mousy hair?

It would be easy to mistake mousy hair for balayage. In fact, the two coloring techniques work strand by strand. However, the rendering of mousy hair is much more natural than balayage. Indeed, the nuances provided by this new hair technique are very light. Bronde is also a coloring that resembles mousy hair; and for good reason, it is from the latter that she is inspired. The difference? The lengths are less lightened on the soft hair side. By the way, that's what the name means since mousy means shy in English, which is the natural effect of this trend.

It is therefore the perfect color to subtly add light, and therefore dimension, to your natural color. If you also want to be trendy and adopt mousy hair, all you have to do is go to your usual colorist or hairdresser.

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