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These 5 Hair Colors Are Trending In 2023 - And These Are No Longer


Do you want to change? We're introducing five new, fresh hair colors for 2022 and at the same time revealing which ones are out.

These 5 Hair Colors Are Trending In 2023 - And These Are No Longer
You can't go wrong with these five chic hair colors in 2022.

Wheat blonde instead of platinum blonde

Wheat blonde instead of platinum blonde | These 5 Hair Colors Are Trending In 2023 - And These Are No Longer
Medium to dark blonde hair is the ideal starting point for a great wheat blonde - Sienna Miller shows us how.

This is what defines the color: the warm undertone! After rather cool blonde nuances such as platinum and ash, it is currently in full swing again. When coloring, it is important that the base color is broken up by individual painting highlights (i.e. strands that are worked in free-hand) so that the blonde looks super natural and lively.

Who does it suit? Lighter skin types who want to look less pale. Because unlike the cool shades of blonde that can quickly make the face appear pale, the wheat blonde gives the complexion a beautiful glow. That's why the tone flatters women over 40.

Extra tip: Regular bleaching stresses the hair and dries it out. "When styling with tools such as straightening irons and blow dryers, which also remove moisture from the hair, you should therefore always use a heat protection spray," advises hairstylist Ayse Auth from the "HaarWerk" salon in Munich.

Copper red instead of eggplant

Copper red instead of eggplant | These 5 Hair Colors Are Trending In 2023 - And These Are No Longer
Actress Emma Roberts was seen in bright copper red as early as 2021.

This is what defines the color: the intensity! Copper is one of the colors that are regularly making a comeback. After the rather delicate copper blonde in recent years, the tone goes into full force this season and is shown in a particularly strong version.

Who does it suit? The color is a real statement and ideal for anyone who wants to stand out. It looks most harmonious with light, untanned skin and a rosy complexion. You should also know that with a light to dark blonde starting tone, the result is always brighter than with dark-haired people. And since coloring the clay is not that easy, you should always put yourself in the hands of an expert.

Extra tip: "The color works best in long hair that is cut the same length and without large layers," says Ayse Auth.

Statement approach instead of perfectly colored

Statement approach instead of perfectly colored | These 5 Hair Colors Are Trending In 2023 - And These Are No Longer
Veronika Heilbrunner shows how cool the statement approach can be.

This is what defines the look: Definitely, the extreme approach (one also speaks of "shadow roots"), which is several shades of color darker than the lengths and tips and deliberately looks as if one were letting the colored tone grow out or had the last appointments for Dyeing overslept.

Who does it suit? Women with fine hair, in particular, can benefit from the dyeing technique, because the contrast between the roots and lengths gives the look more dimension and volume. Of course, "shadow roots" are also ideal for those who want an easy-care look that does not require re-dyeing every four weeks.

Extra tip: "Invest in a really good haircut. Because it is extremely important here so that it really looks like a statement and not just carelessly," emphasizes stylish Ayse Auth.


Caramel instead of bronze

Caramel instead of bronze | These 5 Hair Colors Are Trending In 2023 - And These Are No Longer
J.Lo is known for its beautiful caramel tone.

This is what defines the color: the red undertone, which spices up the classic light brown and glows particularly intensely when light hits the hair.

Who does it suit? Anyone can wear the color, but it's really important that it matches your own skin tone so that the overall look doesn't look unnatural. Those who are rather pale choose a lighter caramel shade for their hair, while darker types can also choose a deeper and darker shade.

Extra tip: "The color comes into its own when you bring movement into your hair with light waves," recommends Ayse Auth. "The waves break the light, making the subliminal red shimmer even more multifaceted."

Foilyage instead of balayage

Foilyage instead of balayage | These 5 Hair Colors Are Trending In 2023 - And These Are No Longer
Instead of balayage, the foliage will be the trend in 2022, such as Rachel Bilson wears it.

This is what defines the color: Foily- what? This is how the further development of the dyeing technique is called balayage. In concrete terms, this means: In addition to individual, free-hand colored strands, foils are used for coloring, especially at the tips. Thanks to this, the bleaching can have a particularly intense effect, the streaks colored in this way become very light.

Who does it suit? Foilyage can be dyed into blonde, brown, red hair. It makes sense from medium-length hair. The look is perfect for those who like it natural, but want a little more liveliness in their hair color. Because the dyeing technique creates the so-called sunkissed look - the hair looks as if it had been faded to different degrees by the summer sun. The effect also creates more volume visually.

Extra tip: "Do not use products such as masks or cures immediately after dyeing, as they could wash out the highlighted color - so wait around two weeks after dying," says the expert.

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