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Sos Straw Hair: How To Rehabilitate A Coarse Mane


Your hair is coarse, its ends tend to split, your lengths crunch under your fingers, disciplining them becomes a puzzle? Follow the guide with advice from Simon Assoun, co-founder of Boicoiff’s - hair expert.

SOS Straw Hair: How To Rehabilitate A Coarse Mane

The hair is a real asset of seduction, in addition to giving style to a look, it is a pledge of self-confidence. Beautiful, neat, and luminous hair always works, but taking care of it can often be tricky. Healthy hair is strong, resistant, smooth, and shiny hair. If it loses its luster, becomes dull, brittle, rough, it is a sign that these scales are open, that the cortex is exposed, becomes ultra porous. Results? an indomitable mane in the battle that leaves much to be desired!

Faced with this observation, we wonder how it got there. The hair is constantly put to the test, increased drying through the sun, wind, saltwater in summer, the heat of hairdryers, straighteners, curlers, overly astringent shampoos that strip, colorings, and chemical discolorations, not to mention beanies, helmets that suffocate them, the list goes on.

Hair rehab

To restore all its vitality and beauty to straw-covered hair, 3 months of absolute vigilance is required with a battle plan that requires some sacrifices. Patience is essential, but when you arrive, the satisfaction is there! We are preparing to change our habits.

1. Redemptive reflexes

2. The hair care prescription

We take care of your hair day and night for optimal basic treatment.




3. The magisterial parade

Vegetable coloring is a supreme ally when the hair is in distress. Water-based and enriched with natural pigments which are none other than extracts of dye plants (chamomile, henna, indigo, etc.), it coats the hair, unlike chemical coloring which opens the scales. In addition to covering gray hair, tinting the hair, boosting its shine, or even bringing reflections, it gives a curative and preventive action since it wraps the hair fiber as a protective sheath against all aggressions (thermal, climatic, chemical), a major asset for straw hair.

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