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Pasta Water As A Hair Treatment: That'S Behind It


Tip pasta water over your hair? Yes, seriously. This trick is said to work wonders.

Pasta Water As A Hair Treatment: That's Behind It
Pasta water as a hair treatment? That's how it's done!

Why you should pour pasta water over your hair?

There are some curious beauty trends that astonish us. Some of them come from other countries, some are even banned. When we discovered this strange trick, we couldn't believe our eyes at first. There are actually people who pour old pasta water over their heads and have good reasons for doing so...

Pasta water for hair

The beauty hack works like this:

  1. After cooking, let the pasta water cool down well.
  2. When it's lukewarm, you can transfer it to a measuring cup and pour it over your hair in the shower or over the bathtub.
  3. Let the pasta water conditioner soak for about ten minutes, then rinse your hair again with plain water and shampoo.

The advantages

What is that supposed to do? The minerals it contains, especially the starch, make your hair shine. Well, you can use a self-made hair treatment for this, but this trick is always cheap.

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