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Most Effective Tips To Remove Blackheads Permanently


A clear, flawless complexion is a pleasant idea for many. Small blemishes can be concealed well with concealers and the like, but even and clean skin is essential even for the no-make-up look. However, this is not a question of age, but often genetic. With a healthy diet and proper care, you can still improve your skin's complexion sustainably and effectively prevent small pimples. If only it weren't for the unpopular blackheads that are often stubborn. It high time to declare war on the unsightly black dots. We show you the most effective tips to remove blackheads.

Remove blackheads: This really helps against the black pimples

Remove blackheads: This really helps against the black pimples | Most Effective Tips To Remove Blackheads Permanently

Against dark pimples and blemished skin: With these tips, you can effectively remove blackheads.

Blackheads: How Small Black Pimples Form?

Blackheads, also known as comedones, occur primarily in the T-zone of the face on the forehead, nose, and chin and can also become red or inflamed. The black or white pimples are caused by excessive sebum production in the skin - and this in turn leads to clogged pores.

Hormones, for example, caused by taking the contraceptive pill, can promote the excessive production of sebum and thus promote the formation of blackheads. Blackheads, also known as blackheads, are particularly bothersome because they are not only noticeable but also difficult to treat. Good to know: Their dark color is caused by the pigment melanin, which turns dark when combined with oxygen.

Treating Blackheads Yourself: How To Do It Right?

Blackheads usually form very quickly and therefore it is often not enough to wait until the next appointment with the beautician. Fortunately, you can easily remove the annoying comedones at home. However, you should only work with disinfected aids here and never press your fingernail directly on the skin. Because even after washing your hands, there are still bacteria under the nails that can quickly lead to inflammation. The best way to remove blackheads is with soft cosmetic tissue: this is not only more hygienic, but it also catches the comedones at the same time.


1. Preparation

Blackheads are easiest to remove when the skin is soft and the pores are open. A facial steam bath, for example with chamomile, is very suitable for this. If you don't want to sweat over a bowl of hot water, you can soak a small towel in boiled, warm water and place the towel on your face for a few minutes. The heat opens the pores and the blackheads can then be removed more quickly.

2. Expressing blackheads

Squeezing is a classic way to remove blackheads. To do this, wrap your index fingers with cosmetic tissue and apply gentle pressure on the pores from all sides. It is best to change the position of the fingers several times - this not only removes the blackheads but also prevents the formation of scars.

Alternatively, you can also use other aids, such as the comedo squeezer: The metal tool is equipped with a ring-shaped metal bracket that is placed around the comedo. Then pull the comedo squeezer over the skin with gentle but sufficient pressure. Important: The tool should be thoroughly disinfected both before and after use.

So-called blackhead vacuums or pore cleaners, which remove blackheads using negative pressure, are relatively new to the beauty market. Such a hand-held device literally sucks the comedones out of the skin thanks to the vacuum function.

3. Plasters for blackheads

Special plasters, so-called pore stripes, can also be helpful in removing blackheads. Your advantage: In contrast to the classic way of squeezing it out, the plasters are neither painful nor do they lead to reddening - however, with this rather gentle variant of blackhead removal, it often happens that the plaster does not catch all of the blackheads. Still, Pore Stripes are perfect for anyone who wants to remove blackheads in a gentler way.

The plaster is stuck to the damp skin, as the active ingredients contained are only activated by the water. When the patch has dried in about ten to 15 minutes, it can be carefully removed. The blackheads are pulled out of the pores - in a painless and very hygienic way. The practical Pore Stripes are available in different sizes for the nose, forehead, or for chin area. There are often a lot of blackheads on the nose - and an additional squeeze is usually necessary here. Special peel-off masks with activated charcoal have a supportive effect.

Treatments For Pure Skin: How To Get A Professional Remove Blackheads

Anyone who suffers from a lot of blackheads should also regularly book a professional facial: a dermatologist or beautician can best analyze the skin and know how to best remove annoying impurities. Dermatologists recommend one facial treatment per month because the skin renews itself every four weeks.

Hydra Facials, the modern variant of a classic facial treatment, are particularly suitable for removing blackheads: The method originates from the USA and is now the market leader there in the field of care and anti-aging. The skin is cleaned pore-deep in several steps using lymphatic drainage. Then antioxidants, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid are channeled into the skin. The treatment costs between 140 and 160 euros per session.

Treatments For Pure Skin: How To Get A Professional Remove Blackheads | Most Effective Tips To Remove Blackheads Permanently

If there are many and frequent blackheads on the skin, treatment by a professional is recommended.

Preventing blackheads: What helps against black pimples?

So that no new blackheads form in the freshly cleaned pores, you should pay particular attention to a few things when cleaning your face and skincare: In addition to sebum, for example, remains of the foundation can lead to impurities and acne. A thorough facial cleansing is therefore important, special face brushes are helpful for this. Your advantage: The rotating brush or silicone attachments work the cleaning product particularly deep into the skin and even the most stubborn residues of dirt are effectively removed. In addition, the busts have a slight peeling effect and thus additionally stimulate the blood circulation in the skin.

If you are generally prone to blemishes, it is best to use light creams and gels. Care products with hydroxy acids and salicylic acid are particularly effective against comedones and prevent their formation. However, caution is advised with dry or sensitive skin: the acidic products are effective, but some of them are also very aggressive.

Another tip from dermatologists: skincare with retinoids. The chemical is primarily known as an anti-wrinkle wonder drug because it stimulates cell renewal and helps to shed old skin more quickly. And that works very well against blackheads. Dr. Ranella Hirsch revealed a trick for all beginners to use at Harper’s Bazaar in the United States: “It is usually a good start to start with a low-dose retinol care product that you can also buy in the drugstore. Give your skin between six to eight weeks to get used to the active ingredient and use only a little product - less is more. "

Remove blackheads with home remedies

Some home remedies also work well against blackheads. Regular DIY peeling removes dead skin and prevents excess sebum from clogging pores. The best way to do this is to mix high-quality Himalayan salt with a little coconut oil and work it into the skin in circular movements. Leave on for a short time and rinse off with lukewarm water. Face masks with honey also work just as well: Liquid gold is one of the best home remedies for blackheads and impurities because honey has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect and also provides a lot of moisture. For the mask, simply put a teaspoon of honey on a small plate and apply a thin layer to the face with a brush. After a short exposure time, rinse off the mask with warm water. The result is skin that is as soft to the touch as it is pure.

Another option: Instead of the classic pore stripes, you can also apply some gelatine powder mixed with milk to the affected areas of the skin. It is best to heat the paste briefly in the microwave beforehand. After ten minutes of exposure, the gelatin-milk mixture can be easily peeled off the skin - ideally with the unwanted blackheads. Any residue can be removed with a damp towel.

Take care when removing blackheads

If you suffer from hormonal or genetic blackheads, the tips above will unfortunately only help temporarily. In this case, it is important not to use too many aggressive products against the blackheads. In this context, dermatologists warn against perioral dermatitis. It shows up in pimples and blemishes around the mouth that keep coming back despite cleaning, peeling, and care. Because once the skin is over-cared for with too many products, it reacts with even more impurities and redness. And that's exactly what you want to avoid. So less is more - also when removing blackheads.

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