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Lose Weight With The Tef Effect: These Foods Boost Calorie Consumption When Eating

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Nobody wants to go hungry to lose weight today. Good thing, because that would be neither healthy nor mindful. In addition, the yo-yo effect can be admired after such starvation diets and in the end, you have more pounds on your ribs after the diet than before. That is not healthy either.

Lose Weight With The TEF Effect: These Foods Boost Calorie Consumption When Eating

If you want to lose pounds in a healthy way, you usually pay attention to what it is best not to eat. According to the so-called Thermic Effect of Food (TEF), which means something like "the thermal effect of food" in German, you should also pay more attention to what you eat. Because there should be foods that really boost calorie consumption. Lose weight with food? Sounds like the best diet.

Lose weight and burn calories: How the Thermic Effect of Food works?

The Thermic Effect of Food bases its success on the fact that you use energy to digest food and, of course, burn calories with it. The thermal effect of food accounts for an average of around ten percent of the daily calorie requirement. From this, we can conclude: Those who rely on foods that use more energy for digestion also burn more calories.

These foods promote the diet

Avoid convenience foods

It is well known that their ingredients often have a very high sugar content and harmful preservatives. In addition, the body consumes the least amount of energy during digestion and therefore hardly burns any calories. Instead, rely on fresh and, if possible, left food, which the body needs to spend a lot of energy on digesting.


Rely on proteins

Protein-rich foods such as eggs, fish, or lean beef and chicken consume the greatest amount of energy during digestion - up to 20 to 35 percent of the calories they contain. With a protein-rich diet, the daily calorie requirement increases; with the same calorie intake, you lose weight with a protein-rich diet. Another advantage of proteins: They keep you full for a long time and prevent hunger pangs.

Studies have shown that even a serving of foods with saturated fats, such as those found in dairy products such as whole milk, cheese, butter, and cream, or with processed carbohydrates, including ready-made pizza or white bread, which is replaced by a serving with proteins, can have positive effects on weight. In comparison: fats and carbohydrates only use up an average of five to 15 percent of the calories in the food during digestion. Please access while dieting, but correctly.

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