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Rice Water: This Conditioner Ensures Healthy, Beautiful Hair!


Rice water: This unusual conditioner ensures healthy, beautiful hair

Rice water: This unusual conditioner ensures healthy, beautiful hair | Rice water: this conditioner ensures healthy, beautiful hair!

Rice water as a rinse promises healthy, beautiful hair - this is how the treatment works (Gabriela Hearst, Spring/Summer 2021)

If you want to care for your hair effectively, you should take a look at your own kitchen more often. Because beautiful, healthy hair does not always necessarily lead to the drugstore - the simplest foods often contain at least as powerful ingredients for the hair. After apple cider vinegar and olive oil, there is now a new, effective care rinse: rice water.

New beauty trend: rice water as a rinse ensures healthy, beautiful hair

The rice water rinse is appearing more and more often on Instagram: What sounds unusual at first - and definitely takes getting used to - should ensure beautiful hair without much effort.

In Asia, rice water has long been celebrated as a valuable hair care product. Because rice contains many valuable amino acids and vitamin B6: This strengthens the hair, alleviates split ends, and ensures a healthy hair structure. The inositol contained in rice also ensures a beautiful shine for the hair.

The rice water can be used as a rinse as a replacement for conditioner: Put the rice water into the hair after shampooing and wash it off thoroughly after a short time. For intensive care, pour the rice water into your hair overnight and leave it on. The next morning you can simply rinse your hair with clear water.

Rice water: this is how the conditioner works for healthy, beautiful hair

The nice thing about the DIY conditioner: The rice water for the hair is made quickly. The rice (regardless of whether it is white or brown) doesn't even have to be cooked. That's how it's done:

  1. Briefly rinse a cup of rice under cold water to remove any dirt.
  2. Then put the rice in a sealable container - a Tupperware jar or a glass with a screw cap are ideal for this.
  3. Then add cold tap water and stir vigorously. Store the sealed jar in a dark place for at least five hours, but no more than two days, so that the rice can ferment.
  4. Then pour the rice water into a spray bottle, so you can easily apply the rice water when washing your hair.

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